Card of the Day: 1995 Edge Entertainment – Street Sharks Series 1 – Ripster – Promo #3

Flashback Product of the Week: 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Baseball

 photo nes1985baseball_zpsm7dhbxvj.jpg

Yep.  I’m off the reservation with this one.  By now you can clearly see this is not a box of baseball cards.  When Nintendo introduced the NES to the United States in 1985, Baseball was one of the first games you could play on it.  Despite not having an MLB license, Nintendo brought in actual Major League Baseball players to show off the game during the test market launch.  Many accredit Baseball as one of the main reasons why the NES was so successful, given the sport’s overall appeal.

Compared to baseball video games today, Baseball for the NES is basic.  Although there was no license, the initials of the teams are suppose to represent real teams from the Japanese Central League or American Major League.  Retro gaming is popular today.  NES collectors are willing to spend well into the hundreds of dollars for sealed games such as this.  Out of the box and used copies can easily be found for under $10.

While attending the National a few years ago, I remember seeing an autographed photo of Mike Tyson.  It wasn’t just any photograph though.  This was a screenshot from the NES game Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!!  That really caught my attention.

I would like to see more screenshots from classic sports video games worked into the sports memorabilia market.  Finding them in packs of cards would be even better.  Autographed cards featuring pixelated versions of your favorite players from the games you use to play would probably be a hit with collectors.  Heck, they don’t even need to be autographed.

Let us take this a step further.  What if you made a great play in a sports-based video game today, and could instantly order a trading card containing a shot of that play?  That would be sick.  Especially if they could get the athletes to sign them.  Perhaps even letting room on the card for the gamer to sign too.

We’ve seen cards and action figures come packaged with games, but I believe things could get even cooler.

New Surprise Added To The Big Bang Theory Card Set

Next week Cryptozoic Entertainment will finally release Series 1 and Series 2 of their much anticipated The Big Bang Theory trading cards.  The product has been delayed and delayed, but it looks as if the launch is just a few days away.  Cryptozoic Entertainment has announced that there are 25 redemption cards randomly thrown into packs.  Collectors who pull one can redeem it for a jumbo 4″ x 6″ five-piece wardrobe relic card like the one pictured below.


Collectors can look for other wardrobe relics and autographs randomly placed into packs too.  The Big Bang Theory is one of my favorite shows to watch, and I’m sure this product will be a huge hit.

Captain America Comes To Cardboard

Upper Deck Entertainment has had a ton of success with its superhero related products – Iron Man, Thor, and now Captain America: The First Avenger.  Due to be released on 6/14/11, collectors will find (2) relics or autographs per box on average.  Insignia manufactured patches come (1) per box too.  Sketch cards fall about (1) in every other box.  Autographs and relics include:

  • Chris Evans (Captain America / Steve Rogers)
  • Tommy Lee Jones (Captain Chester Phillips)
  • Hugo Weaving (The Red Skull)
  • Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury)
  • Hayley Atwell (Peggy Carter)

Its going to be a great summer packed with superheros and cards!


Example of an insignia manufactured patch

Razor’s 2010 National Redemption Promos

This morning, Brian Gray of Razor Entertainment announced some of the redemption programs that will be taking place during the 2010 National this year.  Here is what collectors can look forward to.

  • Limited edition 4-card promo set featuring FEDOR EMELIANENKO, BROCK LESNAR, DOYLE BRUNSON AND MUHAMMAD ALI will be available.  EVERY card serial numbered.  Consumers will receive 1 card from the set per box of 2010 Razor product opened at the booth (cannot be combined with below offer).
  • For opening 4 boxes combined of the below, consumers will receive a 1-card Pop Century Bonus pack containing either a BLUE AUTOGRAPH NUMBERED TO 5 OR LESS (POSSIBLE HARRISON FORD!) OR AN ORIGINIAL POP CENTURY 1 OF 1 SKETCH CARD (these are the only pop century sketches for this release).  The ONLY products available for this redemption are: 2010 RAZOR POP CENTURY, 2010 RAZOR SPORTS ICONS, 2010 RAZOR POKER, AND 2010 RAZOR CUT SIGNATURE) .  (Cannot be combined with above offer).


Razor Entertainment’s ’09 National Promos + Exclusive Products

Thanks to VOTC for forwarding me the following info.

This morning I received an e-mail informing me on Razor Entertainment’s promotional events that will be taking place at this year’s National.  Razor has created a new product called Cut Signature National Edition which can only be obtained by dealers who are setting up at the event and buy directly from Razor.  They only plan to make a few cases to act as a preview to their feature cut signature product which is due to come out in December.  Cut Signature National Edition will feature signatures from some of the most famous people in the world ranging from sports, politics, music and film.  Famous celebrities such as John Wayne, John Lennon, Wayne Gretzky and even Michael Jackson are included within this exclusive product only found at this year’s National.  This would be Michael Jackson’s first certified autographed card within a product.


Razor plans to have promotional events taking place at their corporate booth.  If you open any of the following factory sealed boxes you’ll receive a 5-card promo set and 1 bonus card:

  • 2008 Razor Cut Signature Encore Edition
  • 2008 Razor Oval Office
  • 2008 Razor Signature Series Baseball
  • 2008 Razor Letterman Baseball
  • 2008 Razor Historical Heroes
  • 2009 Razor Sports Icons
  • 2009 Razor Ink Archives
  • 2009 Razor Cut Signature National Edition

You can also receive the promo set if you open 3 2009 Razor U.S. Army Football sets.  In addtion to that, collectors who purchase a case of certain Razor products will receive a box Sports Icons.  Collectors will also have the chance to receive autographed cards of Bench Warmer Star Lisa Gleave.

Razor Entertainment and Prospecting – My 2¢

For the last few days I have been researching and reading about the Razor Entertainment Group and their venture into baseball cards, specifically propecting.  I have held off writing a post about it because everyone was doing the same old thing.  I think its great that Razor has decided to start making baseball cards.  A little competition won’t hurt the hobby.  Many people don’t like the idea about Razor signing some of this year’s top draft picks because they are big fans of products like Bowman, Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects, Bowman Chrome, and Tristar Prospects Plus.  Since Razor has signed some of this year’s biggest prospects, that means only Razor can produce cards of those players.  That has gotten a lot of people made because their not used to Razor products and want to stick with their normal brands.

Here is what I think about the whole situation.  Do these prospects have a chance of doing great and making it to the pros? Yes.  Every year new prospects get their first baseball cards made of them and people spend a ton on their cards.  Most of the time these cards shoot up in value and then after awhile the prices drop when some new players come around to collect.  What I think Razor is doing will be great for the hobby.  Competition will force other companies to make better products.