Card of the Day: John Montgomery Ward 1994 Upper Deck Baseball: The American Epic #10

 photo 94jmwudkbbb_zpschu4rf8z.jpg

Flashback Product of the Week: 2006 Upper Deck Epic

’06 UD Epic was a high-end product that got a lot of heat after it was released.  For one thing its a hit or miss product that features and autograph or relic in each pack.  I remember the big thing collectors were looking for at the time were the bat barrels.  There were some serious design flaws when it came to the bat relics.  A large portion of the bat relics contained white areas around the piece of bat.  Thats one of the biggest problems I have with this product.  Who wants to see the plain white background of a card?  Not me.  Luckily this only happened with the bat relics.  I own a Ted Williams jersey #’ed/45 from this product at it looks great.  All of the cards have a rainbow foil finish which  I’ve always enjoyed.



See what I’m talking about?  A lot of white space around the bat piece.