Card of the Day: Barry Bonds 1987 Donruss Opening Day – Johnny Ray – Error #163

Card of the Day: 1977 Topps Star Wars C-3PO (Anthony Daniels) – Error #207

Card of the Day: Kyle Kendrick 2013 Topps SSP Close Up Error #71b

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Q & A – Is This Michael Vick Card An Error?

Errors have been around ever since the first cards were produced back in the 19th century.  Some are collectible, and others people don’t care about one bit.  I’m sorry to say the question I received today from a reader deals in the category of ones people probably don’t care about.

Here we have a standard Michael Vick 2010 Gridiron Gear base card #115.


Nothing too special about the front.  Now lets take a zoomed in look at the back side.


Notice anything?  I don’t recall Michael Vick ever playing for the Vikings.  To answer the reader’s question.  Yes, this is an error.  Is it one that will make this one cent base card worth a million bucks?  No.  Perhaps if this were the 1980’s, and Panini had stopped production to issue a correction.  Then we might have something.  But its not the ’80’s anymore.

Card of the Day: Frank Thomas 1990 Topps No Name On Front Error #414


Something To Smile About


Dexter Manley had a long career in professional football as a defensive end starting in 1981 with the Washington Redskins and ending in 1994 with the Ottawa Rough Riders.  Manley’s best seasons probably came in 1986 and 1987 where he made the Pro Bowl team (1986) and was an All-Pro.

Manley’s cards aren’t in demand all that much, except for this little gem pictured above.  Pro Set products were riddled with errors, variations, and corrections.  Were they accidents?  Or were they gimmicks to try and bring attention to their products?  Everyone has their opinion, but we’ll probably never know for sure.  One of their biggest “errors” was Manley’s 1990 Pro Set #772.  The bio on the back says the following:

Reinstated by Commissioner Paul Tagliabue 11 weeks into the 1990 season after suspension for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy… Immediately waived by Redskins, but was claimed by Cardinals… Involved as spokesman for United Way anti-illiteracy program.

The error is that Pro Set shouldn’t have talked about the substance-abuse policy violation.  They decided to change it and quickly issued a corrected version.  You rarely see this error pop-up for sale.  When one does, it will command huge dollars.  One recently sold for $382.00.  These Pro Set errors are some of the coolest cards that came from a time when overproduction ruled the hobby.

When I first saw this card, it cracked me up to see someone look so happy and then to have a bio that talked about substance-abuse policy violation.  This isn’t the only error Manley has either.  There are a few others, but this one by far is his most popular.  I don’t think we’ll ever stop finding Pro Set errors.

“Pin-Up” of the Week: Sammy Sosa 2005 Baltimore Orioles 600 HR’s Error Pin


Nobody could possible forget that 1998 baseball season where Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa were battling it out to break Roger Maris’s single season home run record.  Too bad it was all ruined by the steroid and performance enhancer controversy.  In 2005, Sosa played for the Orioles and fans were hoping to see him hit his 600th career home run in 2006.  That’s why these pins were printed up ahead of time.  Do to one of his worst seasons since 1992, the Orioles decided not to bring him back in 2006.

The error isn’t that Sosa didn’t make it 600 home runs, the error was that he didn’t do it while playing with the Orioles.  Sosa hit his 600th career home run in June, 2007 while playing for the Rangers.

This pin and countless others can be found for sale by the #1 pin dealer in the industry… The Pin Man.

Ironic Error – NFL’s Top News All On One Card


You have to admit this error is pretty ironic.  Peyton Manning and Randy Moss were two of the biggest rookies in the 1998 Draft Class.  I have to believe that this error was made on purpose, just to bring attention to the brand.  What are the odds that this would be an accident?  Of all the rookies, it had to happen to these two.  I would think differently if it were two no name rookies, but that’s just not the case.  With Peyton Manning shopping around for a new team, and Randy Moss just signing with the 49ers, it makes perfect sense for this card to surface.  This error recently sold for $156.00.

I remember when 1998 Absolute SSD was released.  These cards with the see-through inset were quite popular.  This wasn’t the first time cards had a see-through element to them, but when compared to all the others I enjoy these the most.  They remind me of a very early version of the Shadow Box card.  They are very condition sensitive and can easily be damaged.  Its not uncommon to find them with chipped edges.

Lil’ Teammates Error Found In Cincinnati Best Buy

There is something wrong with this Lil’ Teammates figure.  It has a Bearcats helmet and a Texas Tech jersey/pants.  This was found in a Best Buy store in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I e-mailed the company and they confirmed that it is an error.  Their e-mail said the following:

Yep, that was an error from our manufactures.  Once a while that will happen, but we always catch it.  We are saving anything that is a “mistake” one…

This is the first time I’ve seen an error figure from them.  The Bearcats and Texas Tech have similiar colors, so I can see how something like this could happen.   Besides the 2011 All-Star Fan Fest figure they made for the All-Star game this year, this Lil’ Teammates figure pictured above is probably the rarest one to own.  Errors make for great marketing 🙂

Mailday From The Pin Man

This morning I was going through yesterday’s mail and I came upon this little item I purchased from Jim Maser a.k.a The Pin Man, who I met during last year’s National in Cleveland.  According to this pin, the Phillies won the 2009 World Series, but I think we all know thats not the case.  This is an error pin that somehow made its way onto the secondary market.  These were probably made up before the ’09 World Series was over and should have been discarded, but this one slipped out the door and will stay in my collection for quite sometime.  In my mind, the Phillies went all the way last year 🙂