Pin Highlight: Little League Store ESPN Pin

Exactly one month from today the 2017 Little League World Series begins.  People from all over the world will flock to Williamsport, PA.  Collectible pins sold at the official Little League Store and other businesses throughout Williamsport have begun to slowly popup.  Pins from Dolly’s Diner and the Thomas T. Taber Museum are already available.  As the Little League World Series approaches, many more will follow.  The Little League Store doesn’t sell all of their pins online.  A lot of neat ones can only be purchased in person.  I just added a new glow-in-the-dark superhero-themed Dugout pin to my collection.

ESPN issues pins for the Little League World Series every year.  They have for a long time.  Who and how they are distributed is a total mystery.  They show up on eBay, but I’ve never seen anyone from ESPN hand them out.  Other collectors have wondered the same thing.  While supplies last, the Little League Store now sells an ESPN pin.  This is brand new for 2017.  Enough people complained over the years about not getting an ESPN pin, so they decided to make one for sale.  I bet these will sell fast.  There is no year printed on them.  Because of that, Little League might have plans to use this pin design for a while.  Either way, its an official Little League ESPN pin.

Card of the Day: Stuart Scott 2005 Upper Deck ESPN Ink Auto

 photo espninkss_zps2affd234.jpg

“Pin-Up” of the Week: Happy Holidays 2003 ESPN Santa Pin


This is what Santa must look like after all the presents are delivered.  Either that or he just had a successful colonoscopy.  This pin was made by ESPN to celebrate Christmas 2003.  It can be found for under $5.00.

“Pin-Up” of the Week: ’12 Little League World Series ESPN 3D Utility Pin


ESPN pins are very popular during the Little League World Series.  They are some of the most sought after and valuable pins you can get.  These pins aren’t the easiest to obtain either.  A few years ago when I was in Williamsport, I passed an ESPN camera man with a ton of pins.  I asked him how you can get them, and he refused to talk to me.  I’ll have to try again this year.  When I talked to that camera man, Sports Card Info was only a couple of years old.  Its much more famous now, ESPN should know who I am this time around… haha!  🙂

This pin is kinda cool as it features the ESPN 3D camera men as members of the Ghostbusters.  I’m not sure why they would associate them with the Ghostbusters.  Perhaps the equipment they use looks like their proton packs.  Its limited to 100.

Super Bowl XLVI Champ Henry Hynoski Signing


This afternoon New York Giants fullback Henry Hynoski was signing autographs at the Susquehanna Valley Mall.  The event was sponsored by the Susquehanna Valley Mall and ESPN 92.3FM.  Hynoski played for Southern Columbia High School, then went on to play for the University of Pittsburgh.  He recently won Super Bowl XLVI with the Giants.  Everyone could get (3) items signed free of charge.  The place was totally packed.  The line started outside of Bon-Ton and by the time I left the line was all the way back to Sears.  That’s a long line.  Luckily I got there early enough and didn’t have to wait too long.  They were also handing out miniature ESPN footballs and Pepsi products.  Hynoski was signing right outside of Schuylkill Valley Sports.  They were selling tons of Giants items you could get signed.  How convenient? 🙂

Henry Hynoski is one of those rookies from last year that doesn’t have a ton of cards.  As of right now, you can only find his cards in Plates & Patches and Playoff Contenders.  His Plates & Patches cards seem to be a lot more popular than the Playoff Contenders.

During Super Bowl XLVI Hynoski caught 2 passes for 19 yards, and recovered an Hakeem Nicks fumble in the third quarter.



“Pin-Up” of the Week: 2003 ESPN Zone Thanksgiving Pin


Disneyland released this pin in November, 2003.  They only made 500 of them, which isn’t a lot when it comes to pins.  As you can see it features a football shaped turkey traveling at mach 2.  They sell for $15.00.

For all you Disney pin collectors in general, be sure to check out the official Disney pin website.  It contains an extremely comprehensive database.  Their blog is great too.

“Pin-Up” of the Week: 2011 LLWS ESPN / ABC Sliding Hill Pin


This has to be one of the most interesting pins to come out of the 2011 Little League World Series.  This ESPN / ABC pin features a kid sliding down the hill on a piece of cardboard.  This is a movable pin where the kid actually goes down the hill.  This pin is rare and can sell from $50.00 to 100.00.

The ESPN pins are rare to find each year.  I wish I knew how people acquired them.  The camera guy I met wouldn’t let go of his pins.  If anyone from ESPN is reading this (I know you are) I want some pins!!!