“Pin-Up” of the Week: Candlestick Park – 1971-2013 – Farewell Season Pin

 photo candlestickpark_zpsf569d8d5.jpg

The 49ers played their final regular season game at Candlestick Park on 12/23/13 beating the Falcons 34-24.  Candlestick Park has been home to the San Francisco Giants (1960-1999), Oakland Raiders (1961), and San Francisco 49ers (1971-2013).  You could easily say that the 49ers have the most history at Candlestick Park when compared to any of its other occupants.  One of the greatest plays in NFL history took place there during the 1982 NFC Championship game against the Cowboys.  “The Catch” was the winning touchdown made by Dwight Clark off a pass from Joe Montana.  This touchdown led the 49ers to their first Super Bowl.  It won’t be long before they implode Candlestick Park.  The new Levi’s Stadium will be home to the 49ers starting next year.

There have been a bunch of pins made to celebrate the final season at Candlestick Park.  Each and every one of them are on fire right now.  This pin for example is currently selling for $50.00.

Rediscovered A Gehrig Promo

For those hardcore Lou Gehrig collectors, here is a card that you may not have.  This is a promotional giveaway I received during The National last year in Cleveland.  Graig Kreindler is an artist and this card features a copy of  the “Gehrig’s Farewell” painting that he did.  It is slightly bigger than your standard card, but still fits into a top loader.  I found it the other day and forgot I had it.  Its definitely one of the most interesting promos I picked up.  I don’t think there is another card out there that better commemorates this event in baseball history.