’12 Cooperstown Baseball Fills A Void

It might be a small void, but its a void.

The National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum is the holy land for baseball fans.  You simply won’t find a better place filled with rare artifacts dating all the way back to baseball’s start.  Panini plans to bring the Hall of Fame to you with 2012 Cooperstown Baseball.  Of course it covers the Hall of Famers themselves, but what I’m interested in are the cards featuring the artifacts found inside this baseball temple.  I’m a sucker for products like this.  With TRISTAR not making Obak this year, there hasn’t been a historically themed baseball product to hit the market.

One of the highlights of this set are the Voices Of Summer cards.  Ernie Harwell, Jack Buck, and even Harry Kalas are included.  I will get my hands on a Kalas card and any additional parallels.  Its been delayed for awhile, but if its got HK in it that’s fine with me.  Its time that the Hall of Fame gets a card set not 100% focused on the players.  The players have cards coming out the wazoo.  Its also an interesting way make a baseball set without an MLB license.

For even more pictures, be sure to check out The Knight’s Lance.  ’12 Cooperstown Baseball should have started to ship yesterday.