Card of the Day: 1953 Bowman Firefighters – Modern Hook and Ladder #13

Flashback Product of the Week: 1953 Bowman Firefighters

 photo 53firefighters_zpsae0230e1.jpg

Did you know this was National Fire Prevention Week?  Talking about fire safety makes me feel like Will Ferrell’s character Allen Gamble from the movie The Other Guys.  Its not very exciting.  Someone at Bowman during the early 1950’s thought it was a good idea to dedicate an entire 64-card set to firefighting.  Despite having fantastic artwork, this set didn’t really take off.  But it does have its share of fans today.  Especially ones that have a strong connection to fighting fires.

Browsing through the colorful card fronts, you’ll see a wide variety of fire fighting vehicles from the past up to the current time (as current as 1953).  The backs give a description about whichever vehicle is pictured on the front, along with a fact about some type of fire fighting equipment.  Believe it or not, but there are variations to look for.  You’ll find that some of the text on the back is either large or small.  What caused this?  Nobody really knows.  Some believe it might have been a regional thing.  Neither seems to be more scarce than the other.

When it comes to value, its always going to be about condition.  Complete sets can be picked up for a few hundred dollars, but the price will jump as the condition gets better.