2019 Leaf Flash Football Hobby Box Break

My local card shop, Sports Zone Toys & Comics, recently announced they got a new batch of bobbleheads in from Kollectico.  One of them is of the Flyers’ mascot Gritty.  I’ve been wanting to add a bobblehead of him to my collection for awhile.

While browsing their inventory, I came upon a box of 2019 Leaf Flash Football.  I decided to pull the trigger on it.  There are (5) on-card autographs per box.  All 2019 rookies.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Damien Harris Flash Photography
  • Will Grier
  • Parris Campbell
  • Greedy Williams
  • Aeris Williams Pink #’ed/15

Happy To See Go

Yesturday, Tom “Flash” Gordon left the Phillies and signed a deal with the Diamondbacks.  To be honest, this is one Phillie I’m glad to see go.  Everytime I watched a Phillies game and he would come in to make the save, it seemed like he would screw it up.  Maybe I just picked to watch the few bad games he pitched, but I was never a huge fan of his.  In my opinion, the Phillies bullpen is stronger without him.


Tom “Flash” Gordon

Last night my Phillies lost again to the Marlins.  It was 2-2 during the bottom of the 9th and Cantu was up.  Tom “Flash” Gordon did it again.  He blew it for the Phillies.  He let Cantu hit a game winning grand slam.  Why is it that whenever “Flash” is in he does either really well or really bad.  In my opinion, the Phillies need better pitching.  Cole Hamels and Kyle Kendrick are probably the best pitchers they have and two men can’t do it alone.  Hamels did great last night striking out players into the double digits.  The Phillies have always needed pitching.  I think I have found the only good reason for the overproduction of cards in the mid 80’s to early 90’s.  This card will never go up in value.