Back Doored Cards

Cards sneaking out the back door isn’t anything new.  Ever since people realized these small pieces of cardboard containing images of their favorite athletes were worth something, cards have been find their way out the back.  This is one of the most annoying things I wish manufacturers could manage better.  Just because a card is limited to a certain number, doesn’t mean the manufacturer didn’t make more.  Probably the main reason why they printed more was so they could replace damaged cards collectors sent back.  The problem arises when someone leaks them onto the market when they have no right being there.  They aren’t fake or counterfeit, thats the tricky thing about it.

Take a look at this seller.  None of these X-Fractors are serial numbered.  They should be numbered to 250, but someone rummaged through the Topps garbage bin and took the leftovers.  I asked the seller, “Where did you get these?”  They told me they bought them at a show in Chicago.   I really wish Topps would discard of their garbage in a better manner.