Card of the Day: Kazuo Uzuki 2008 Topps Future Star #FS1

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Card of the Day: Randy Moss 1998 Upper Deck SP Authentic Future Watch RC #18

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Card of the Day: Babe Ruth 2014 ITG Past, Present, and Future Cut Signature

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ITG Attempting To Bridge The Gap Between Sticker and On-Card Autographs

Ah!  The classic battle between sticker and on-card autographs.  It will go down as one of the biggest debates among collectors for centuries.  Both sides have their positives and negatives.  On-card autographs may be more eye appealing, but you may have to send away for it via redemption and who knows when or if you’ll ever see it.  Sticker autographs might not look quite as nice, but its better to have something in hand versus sitting back and waiting for it to show up.  Finding a happy medium hasn’t been easy.

In The Game is taking another stab at baseball with Past, Present, and Future slated to be released in late March.  At the present time, not too much is known about the product’s configuration, but Dr. Price does give collectors a little glimpse of what you’ll be able to pull.

 photo mock-up-cal-ripken-jr_zpsc67ec61d.jpg

 photo mock-up-david-ortiz_zpsb3f25f73.jpg

 photo mock-up-jonathan-gray_zps86d3fb6a.jpg

With Past, Present, and Future, Dr. Price is trying to settle the whole sticker vs. on-card autograph battle.  When looking at these pictures, the autographs seem to be on giant clear stickers.  In reality that’s not the case.  The signatures are directly on the card.  It looks as if In The Game is getting the signers to autograph a portion of the card (about the size of a sticker) and then inserting that missing piece into the rest of the card.  Works just like a puzzle.  They kinda remind me of a camouflaged cut signature.

Collectors have sorta seen this done before.  Upper Deck tried this with 2005 UD Exquisite Football, but the signed pieces don’t blend into the rest of the card like ITG’s do.  Its refreshing to see someone at least trying to bridge the gap between sticker and on-card autographs.

I wonder if anyone has ever gotten players to sign blank stock and then designed the card around the signature?

Card of the Day: Todd Zeile 1990 Topps Future Star #162

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Card of the Day: Jose Abreu 2013 Panini Elite Extra Edition Franchise Future Auto

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X-Men: Days Of Future Past Trailer

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Card of the Day: Koji Uehara 2006 Upper Deck SP Authentic Future Watch #60

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Card of the Day: Aaron Hill 2004 Bowman Signs of the Future Auto


Card of the Day: George Frazier/Tom Herr/Dan O’Brien 1980 Topps Future Stars #684