Card of the Day: Gerald Ford 2005 Topps Turkey Red #286

 photo ford05tr_zpsxjlxw4ov.jpg

Gerald Ford’s Best Autograph?

One card manufacturer that you don’t hear about very often is TK Legacy.  They are known for making trading card sets geared towards specific college teams.  I only own one card made by TK Legacy which is my Jim Mandich autograph.  As a Dolphins collector I needed to have it since it is Mandich’s only certified autograph.  TK Legacy has made some great on-card signatures of college legends that haven’t even appeared in products made by Press Pass or SA-GE.  Probably one of the cards they are best known for making is the Gerald Ford autograph featuring him in his Michigan uniform.  This is one of a few Ford autographs that isn’t a cut signature.  At the time this card was made, you didn’t see too many Presidential signatures within The Hobby.  Being limited to only 50 copies, this is Gerald Ford’s best certified autograph.  I’d love to see them make a Joe Paterno autograph, but he doesn’t do too many signings for manufacturers.