I’ll Defend The Braves Babe

Over the last few days, the card blogosphere has been in an uproar after seeing images of the new 2010 Topps Chicle Baseball.  One card in particular has started a feud among collectors.  I’m talking about the card picturing Babe Ruth in an Atlanta Braves uniform.  When I first saw this picture, I didn’t think too much about it.  I know Ruth didn’t play for the Braves, but in today’s hobby its not the weirdest thing I’ve laid eyes on.  Many experts and historians consider Babe Ruth to be the greatest player who ever lived.  Why not change things up and have him pictured in different uniforms?  I’d love to see The Babe pictured in a Phillies outfit.

It always surprises me to what sets collectors off on a rampage.  In a time when gimmicks and weird cards aren’t uncommon to find, something as little as Babe Ruth in a different uniform sparks controversy.  I know this card isn’t the only thing about this product some collectors don’t like, but I say give Topps a chance.  2010 Chicle isn’t going to be out for a little while and maybe they’ll go back and change some stuff.  If I were Topps, I’d let it be.

One product I’m not very fond of is Allen & Ginter.  Now, Allen & Ginter is one of those products that almost everyone seems to love.  For some crazy reason collectors go nuts over it, and that is one product that is loaded with gimmicks.  I don’t know about you, but I would rather pull a Babe Ruth in a Braves uniform versus a gimmicked Bigfoot relic any day.

Basically, what I’m trying to ask you is this.  If the Ruth and some of the other cards found in 2010 Chicle were designed for Allen & Ginter instead, would have there been such an uproar?


One Old Gimmick

Gimmick cards flood The Hobby today and for a few moments they get their time in the spotlight.  Here is a very early gimmick card made back in 1888 by the John A. Toleman Katosa Coffee Company.  It features a drawing of a baby with a caption that states: “Oh Mamma! Baby Anson”.  The card is poking fun at Hall of Famer Cap Anson after the way he acted when he lost the Championship game.  I think its funny that even before there was an industy for sports memorabilia gimmicks were being produced.  Even though this card is from the late 1800’s, it doesn’t sell for that much.  Just like a lot of gimmicks, it lost its popularity pretty fast plus it doesn’t feature a real image of Anson himself.


Jake Plummer vs. Joe The Plumber

With all the gimmick and political cards in the hobby today, I’m just waiting for someone at Topps, Upper Deck or Donruss/Playoff to make a gimmick card connecting these two together.  It wouldn’t surprise me if they are working on one right now 🙂

Jake Plummer


Joe The Plumber

I predict these will come next

I predict that card companies will start making Mascot Memorabilia cards.  With all these gimmick cards out there, I think these might be next.  I’m a Phillies fan, but if the manufacturers start doing this I think there will be a lot of angry collectors.  Lets hope they put their money to better use.

Card companies making errors on purpose?

Do you think that a card company would make an error card on purpose?  Lets see what happens when collectors find out there is an error card in a product.  People go crazy, search for more information about that specific product, and then go buy a lot of it hoping they too can pull that popular card.  Error cards mean more sales for the company.  It happens every single year, and collectors act surprised every time.  A lot of the times these “errors” pop out of products like 2008 Topps.  A product that is meant for set collectors.  I think that they put these “errors” in a huge set like this because they can use the excuse that, “Its a large set, and there is bound to be some errors to get out”.  They do this because it brings a ton of attention to a product that may not be as popular as another where you can get a lot of hits.  Recently, these cards haven’t really been errors.  Its not like they forgot to take something out of the picture.  Its more like, they made a card that shouldn’t have been made…….. at all.  I can understand small things here and there in a large set, but why would you make a card that wasn’t meant for the set in the first place.  I think card companies are starting to play mind games with collectors.  Collectors have had enough with these gimmick cards.