Card of the Day: Mike Grace 1996 Pinnacle Summit Artist’s Proof #186

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Card of the Day: Mark Grace 1988 Donruss Rated Rookie #40


Happ’s “Graceful” Record

This afternoon J.A. Happ won his 7th game of the year which brings his record to 7-0.  The last Phillies pitcher to go 7-0 was Mike Grace back in 1995.  Grace only lasted 5 years in the majors and hasn’t been seen much since 1999.  I actually met him in Harrisburg along with Scott Rolen back in the mid-90’s while attending a card show and still have the baseball he signed.  Right now, Happ’s cards are on fire and doing a quick eBay search will yield some interesting/expensive finds.  Searching for cards of Grace won’t provide much to look at.  Grace’s 1996 Leaf Signature autograph is probably his most valuable card.  So far Happ’s career is going great.  I really hope he doesn’t end up like Mike Grace.