Grand Opening Pulls from Sports Zone Memorabilia

Today was the grand opening of Sports Zone Memorabilia located in Selinsgrove, PA.  It moved from Lewisburg, PA and is now on the strip right across from Applebee’s.  It has to be one of the nicest shops I’ve ever been in.  They have all kinds of cards, memorabilia, jerseys, and pretty much anything that deals with the hobby.  They even have coffee, chocolate, Wi-Fi and a big screen TV.  In this day and age, this is what a card shop should be like.

While I was there, I picked-up a box of 2010 Classics, 2009 UD Ultimate Collection, and a jumbo pack of 2010 Topps Football.  Check out some of my hits!!!

If your a sports collector, and your passing through Selinsgrove, I highly suggest you stop in at Sports Zone Memorabilia.

On October 23, 2010 Sports Zone Memorabilia will be having a Rip Party sponsored by Topps.  Only 15 people can attend and it costs $50.00.  I think we will be ripping 2010 Topps Updates & Highlights Baseball.  It will be exciting since I’ve never been to a Rip Party before.

’09 Grand Slam Parade Pin…… Got One!

This is one of the rarest pins collectors can obtain at this year’s Little League World Series.  The 2009 Grand Slam Parade pin is actually two pins that you put together to make a larger pin.  To obtain both sides you need to purchase a certain amount of groceries at two different locations I’ve been told.  One location will have one side and the other location will have the other side.  This is the rarest Little League pin I have in my collection.  I’d like to say thanks to my friend for dropping it off today 🙂


The New Grand Slam King

Congrats to Ryan Howard for passing Mike Schmidt as the all-time grand slam king in Philadelphia.  That ball still hasn’t come down.


Tom “Flash” Gordon

Last night my Phillies lost again to the Marlins.  It was 2-2 during the bottom of the 9th and Cantu was up.  Tom “Flash” Gordon did it again.  He blew it for the Phillies.  He let Cantu hit a game winning grand slam.  Why is it that whenever “Flash” is in he does either really well or really bad.  In my opinion, the Phillies need better pitching.  Cole Hamels and Kyle Kendrick are probably the best pitchers they have and two men can’t do it alone.  Hamels did great last night striking out players into the double digits.  The Phillies have always needed pitching.  I think I have found the only good reason for the overproduction of cards in the mid 80’s to early 90’s.  This card will never go up in value.