Card of the Day: Ernie Banks 2000 Topps Golden Anniversary Great Auto

“Pin-Up” of the Week: 2014 LLWS Great Lakes Region Jersey Pin

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Not even Little League can escape controversy.  Last week Little League stripped the U.S. title away from the Chicago based Jackie Robinson West team.  It sounds like they were recruiting and using players from outside their specified district.  I don’t know why Little League didn’t know this before.  You would think they would know where these players are coming from.  This was brought up months ago, and after a little investigation nothing amounted from it.  Now after another investigation, it looks like they had enough evidence to take back the title and award it to Las Vegas.  Even though Jackie Robinson West are being labeled as “cheaters”, Andrew McCutchen has an interesting point of view.  This situation is far from over, and probably will be stuck in court for awhile.  The only people winning here are the lawyers.

For at least the last six years, Little League has made limited edition jersey pin sets that represent each region.  Jackie Robinson West is part of the Great Lakes Region.  Complete sets can sell for $40.00, but single pins can be found for $9.00.

“Pin-Up” of the Week: 2013 Daytona 500 55th Running The Great American Race Pin


Tomorrow is the 55th running of the Daytona 500.  Hopefully they can get the track repaired after that crash which took place there earlier today.  I’m sure by now you’ve heard that Danica Patrick will be starting in the pole position.  She is the first woman to do so in a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race.  Her cards have always carried a premium, but prices spiked once she won the pole for Daytona.  If she were to win tomorrow, I can’t even imagine what her cards will do.

As for this pin, its one of the new ones floating around the track this year.  I’ve heard they’ve sold out and can only be found online.  That’s probably why they are selling for $25.00 in some cases.


Its just a scratch.

Card of the Day: Alex Karras 2000 Fleer Greats of the Game Auto


Golf Metal Is LIVE & Comes With A Great Promotion


Golf Metal is live!!!  This is the first all golf product released in the last 7 years.  Boxes contain (2) base cards and (3) autographs.  When taking a look at some of the auctions, you can clearly see collectors have been missing a product like this.

The list of big pulls just goes on and on!!!
Leaf also has an interesting promotional program to go along with their release of Golf Metal.  Any collector that sends in the bar code off the bottom of their box of Golf Metal will receive a 3-card pack in return.  The pack will have (3) Leaf Limited base cards, and you can look for randomly inserted redemption cards. These can be redeemed for full-size pieces of golf memorabilia.  Leaf has items such as golf clubs owned by Michael Jordan and tournament used clubs by Jack Nicklaus.  Click on the flyer below for all the details on the program.


There is nothing quite like great card design

After taking a look at some of the cards that have been pulled from this year’s Donruss Classics football product I just have one thing to say, “Great card design”.  Every year I am so impressed with what Donruss/Playoff does with this specific brand of cards.  Browsing through eBay I came across one of the coolest cards from this product, which would be the Timeless Treasures memorabilia cards.  One that stands out to be the most is the Knute Rockne Timeless Tributes authentic worn coat card #’ed/250.  This is one of Rockne’s first memorabilia cards to hit the market.  The design of this card is perfect.  It has a great photograph of Rockne from many years ago, superb insert name, and a nice size piece of coat inserted into the card.  Another bonus about this card other than its design is that its very affordable.  One sold last night on eBay for only $34.00.  I don’t think this is too bad for one of the best football coaches of all time.  Plus, I think it would be awesome to own something that old.  Rockne was born in 1888 and died in 1931 in a plane crash.  Along with collecting Phillies and Dolphins cards, I also have a collection of memorabilia cards of players from long ago like Jim Thorpe, Doak Walker, Yale Lary, Sid Luckman, and Clyde “Bulldog” Turner.  I soon hope to add one of these Rockne cards to my collection.