Card of the Day: Eric Turner 1994 Coca-Cola Monsters of the Gridiron #7

Card of the Day: Walter Payton 1999 Donruss All-Time Gridiron Kings Auto

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Card of the Day: Dan Marino 2002 Donruss Gridiron Kings #154

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Card of the Day: Ken Stabler 2000 Donruss Studio Series Gridiron Kings Auto

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Card of the Day: Chris Matthews 2011 Panini Gridiron Gear Rookie #243

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Flashback Product of the Week: 1997 Best Heroes Of The Gridiron

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The Best Card Company was the go-to card manufacturer in the 90’s and early 2000’s when it came to MiLB licensed cards.  They were based out of Austell, Georgia and issued some nice stuff, but in my mind they never rose to the level of Topps and Upper Deck.  Although some of their cards can still bring in decent coin.  Today they’re no longer around.

Its normal for card companies to try out different stuff.  In 1997, Best took a shot at officially licensed college football action figures.  Each figure measures 6.5″ tall and comes with a removable helmet.  The checklist for the 1997 set consists of 12 players:

  • Herschel Walker – Georgia
  • Errict Rhett – Florida
  • Reggie White – Tennessee
  • Derrick Thomas – Florida State
  • Brett Favre – Southern Miss
  • Ki Jana Carter – Penn State
  • Dan Marino – Pittsburgh
  • Rod Woodson – Purdue
  • Marshall Faulk – San Diego State
  • Herman Moore – Virginia
  • Desmond Howard – Michigan
  • Deion Sanders – Florida State

At the time of their release, Stating Lineup was still the king of sports action figures.  Best’s Heroes Of The Girdiron were a little easier to play with though because of their full articulation.  But if I remember correctly, Starting Lineup had a series of fully articulated figures too.  Best released another set of figures in 1998 under the same name.  That set has 18 players.

The line of figures released by Best never really took off like Starting Lineup did.  All of the figures made by Best can easily be found online for $5.00 to $10.00.  I’m sure there were some football fans that had these waiting under the Christmas tree for them back in 97 and 98.