“Pin-Up” of the Week: LA KISS Guitar Pick Pin

 photo lakisspin_zps0ba9469f.jpg

Ok, officially this pin hasn’t been made yet.  But rest assured that Gene Simmons probably has them in the works.  Merchandising and slapping the KISS logo on everything is his specialty.

Arena Football fans have a new team to watch this season – LA KISS.  This is the third AFL team to represent Los Angeles since 1988.  I’m sure that owners Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley will try to bring the energy of their concerts to the football field.  The LA KISS play their first home game on April 5th.

Card of the Day: Al Jardine 2013 Panini The Beach Boys Commemorative Guitar Picks

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“Pin-Up” of the Week: Hard Rock Cafe 2013 Boston Marathon L.E. Guitar Pin

 photo 13bmhrcgpin_zps82d5d44b.jpg

I don’t think we need to rehash everything that went on this week in Boston.  Its been all over the news.  Hard Rock Cafe made this pin to commemorate the 117th running of the Boston Marathon.  They only made 300 of them which isn’t a lot when it comes to pins.  Collectors can find them for $15.00 to $30.00.  Volunteers helping out during the marathon received a logo lapel pin which seems to be a bit more popular.  Then again, anything associated with this event is getting a lot of attention.  Some people have even been selling their finishing medals.  I guess capitalism never stops.