5 Historic Halloween Trading Cards

Happy Halloween!

Its time for costumes, candy, and scary movies.

Here are my top five scary/funny Halloween trading cards for 2022.

All Panini Redemption Cards – Pulling one of these would sure scare the hell out of me.

1989 Topps Batman – “Is It Halloween?” #81

1996 Comic Images Elvira Mistress of the Dark #63

Michael Myers 1998 Bowman Chrome Interstate Refractor #201

1994 Collect-A-Card Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Series 2 Retail Power Foil Frankenstein #86

TeenyFreaks Arrive Just In Time For Halloween

 photo teenyfreaksheader_zps9045f428.jpg

Party Animal Toys keeps rapidly expanding their TeenyMates line.  Their newest addition, TeenyFreaks, takes these little guys in a whole new direction.  One that might be a bit scary and disturbing.

TeenyFreaks are 1″ collectible figures that come with a “split personality”.  Every figure has a friendly individual on one side and a “freaky” alter-ego on the other.  Each blind package contains (2) figures and (2) puzzle pieces.  TeenyFreaks are the first unlicensed product Party Animal Toys has ever made.

TeenyFreaks are available exclusively at the impulse section of Target stores nationwide and online at the Lil’ Teammates Shop.  Given that this is Halloween time, I can easily see TeenyFreaks being handed out on Trick-Or-Treat night.  From what I can see, TeenyFreaks have to be the most colorful and creative figures they’ve made yet.  Immense detail was taken into consideration when it came to the design of the figures, plus the artwork looks great.  If they make a Series 2, I would like to see some sports figures thrown in to the mix.  They wouldn’t have to be connected with a specific team either.  A generic baseball player would work just fine.

I opened (2) packs of TeenyFreaks and pulled the following:

 photo zoocreep_zps60d27f1e.jpg

  • (1) Zoo Creeper
  • (1) Heavy Metal
  • (1) Doctor Oculus
  • (1) Yummy Mummy

 photo tfchecklist1_zps28aa9044.jpg

 photo teenyfreaksfigures1_zps88f89494.jpg

 photo teenyfreaksrare1_zps9acae9bc.jpg

Flashback Product of the Week: 1996 Upper Deck Halloween Treats

 photo 96udht_zpsaf6438ba.jpg

This is one of those cases where the packaging really makes the product.  In 1996 Upper Deck made up these bags for Halloween.  On the front of each bag you’ll find an athlete (Dan Marino, Ken Griffey Jr, Michael Jordan) pictured in some type of Halloween scene.  The artwork was done by artist Chris Consani.  Inside each bag there are 15 two-card packs.  Dan Marino would have football cards, Ken Griffey Jr would have baseball, and Michael Jordan would have basketball.  The cards weren’t anything special, just base of that sport’s flagship product from Upper Deck.  These were distributed in Carlsbad, CA, Michael Jordan’s restaurant in Chicago, and Police Headquarters in Los Angeles as a way to help promote Halloween safety.  Police officers would hand them out to kids while on patrol.  At the end of the day, they’re just bags filled with base cards.  What kid wouldn’t want one?

When it comes to value.  There barely is any at all.  That die-hard player collector might pay a few bucks for a sealed bag.

“Pin-Up” of the Week: 1965 Halloween Hop Football Pin


This pin has very little to do with sports, except for the fact that it pictures a pumpkin-headed football player on the front.  Anoka, MN is known as the “Halloween Capital Of The World”.  In 1920 they hosted one of the earliest Halloween parades and from then on the town became associated with this holiday of death.  Every year they have an annual pin/button design contest.  This pin can be found for $20.00.

Card of the Day: Michael Myers 1998 Fleer Ultra RC #222


I seriously think this should be card #666.  Happy Halloween!

Card of the Day: Roger Clemens 1999 SI for Kids – Happy Halloween!