Card of the Day: Michael Myers 1998 Fleer Ultra RC #222


I seriously think this should be card #666.  Happy Halloween!

Happy Earth Day!


Yep!  Even Earth Day has a card thanks to Upper Deck.

Happy Jackie Robinson Day!


Shane Victorino with a bat used by Jackie Robinson.

Happy Birthday Bob Uecker & Wayne Gretzky!

Did you know that Bob Uecker and Wayne Gretzky share the same birthday today?  Thats what you call an odd couple.  The only reason I know this is because today is my mom’s birthday too.

Gretzky is probably one of the most popular hockey player’s in history, and even if you don’t follow sports, I bet you’ve heard his name.  He has thousands of cards, tons containing autographs and relics.  Uecker on the other hand has very few cards, 20 at the most.  His rookie can be found in 1962 Topps.  As far as I know, he has no certified autographs or cards containing relics.  Uecker is one player I think collectors would love to see autographs and relics of.  Judging by the sale of his cards, he seems to be very popular.


“Hey, I must be in the front row”

Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my birthday and I turn 23 years old.  I ate a really great birthday dinner, stuffed myself with some chocolate cake, and after eating take a look at what I got…………..


Results from the breaks will be posted tomorrow.  Its going to be a fun night!