Card of the Day: Tom Brady 2002 Fleer Headliners #19

Flashback Product of the Week: 1996 Headliners Football


Serious Collectibles For Serious Collectors!” – that’s what it says on the back of the package.  Headliners figures were issued by Corinthian Marketing, and the 1996 Football set consists of 41 figures.  That’s if you count the 4-pack of Aikman, Marino, Favre, and Young as one.  These little guys look like tiny bobbleheads that just don’t bobble.  They also made them for baseball, basketball, and hockey.  I remember having figures of Roberto Alomar and Mike Piazza.  Each figure came with a Collector’s Catalog.

These figures were mass produced and sold in a retail setting.  Most of them are barely worth a thing today, despite the fact that this Heath Shuler recently sold for $14.00.  Someone must have really needed it.