Card of the Day: Carlos Ruiz 2009 Topps Ring Of Honor Auto

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Card of the Day: Montee Ball 2013 Leaf Valiant Honor Guard Auto

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“Pin-Up” of the Week: Brett Favre 1994 Action Packed Badge of Honor


Action Packed has long been out of the sports collectibles business, but during the early to mid 90’s you could find their stuff all over the place.  In 1994 they produced a product called Badge of Honor.  Each pack contained four pins.  Just like a lot of sports collectibles of this time, they were overproduced to the max, and can be found today for very little money.  I say put old and rare pins into newer cards.

Mini Medals & Cards Containing Pins

Yesterday while attending a small card show, I came across a rare Tom Fears 2008 Topps Mini Medal that popped right out to me when I approached a familiar dealer.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that I had to have it.  Even though the WWII Victory Medal displayed inside the card is a replica, it still looks pretty cool.  I know “commemorative” and “manufactured” items don’t get a lot of love from The Hobby, but these Mini Medals are one of the most unique items floating around the market.  This was the first one I’ve ever seen in person, and I only paid $55.00 for it.  Last night the Lou Groza Mini Medal sold for $75.00.


Wouldn’t it be cool if Topps or any manufacturer would make cards containing pins?  If they can insert mini medals I’m sure they could include exclusive team pins.  I’m not talking about the everyday $5.00 pin you can find anywhere, but rarer ones.  For example, I’d love to see a card containing a 2008 Philadelphia Phillies World Series Press pin that was only distributed to the media.  The Mini Medals are the closest they’ve ever come to inserting pins, and I think it would be an interesting way to go.  I think collectors would really enjoy them, especially if they’re real pins and not manufactured for the product.


Man The Spears, I See A Whale!

As an avid collector of the Miami Dolphins, specifically players from the Perfect Season, my eyes lit up when I saw this Jake Scott 2002 Ring of Honor autograph listed for sale.  Scott doesn’t have many autographs for someone that was the MVP of the Super Bowl.  I can only think of three certified autographs that he has floating around the secondary market.  This is by far his most valuable card.  With a few days left, it has already reached $400.00.  This is one card I’d love to add to my collection, but for right now its a little too pricey.  The 2002 Ring of Honor autograph set features signatures of Super Bowl MVP’s and is one of the hardest to complete.  The same seller also has the Larry Csonka up for sale too.


Truly An Honest Fake + My Panini Opinion

I know the big news of the day is that Kobe Bryant signed an exclusive deal with Panini.  I think its great that it happened.  For years he was with Upper Deck and for him to switch sides really stirs the pot of competition between the major manufacturers.  Hopefully the competition will lead to newer innovations for The Hobby.  I too wish Panini would embrace the card blogosphere, but for right now it seems like they’re sticking with Big Brother Beckett.  Perhaps someday Panini will come around and realize that collector blogs are the new media.  In my opinion, they make great products.  This year’s Absolute Football is one of my favorite products.

Thats enough about Panini tonight.  Here is something funny I found up for sale this evening.  Its a 2008 Topps Eli Manning Ring of Honor insert with a fake autograph.  What makes this so funny is that the seller writes in the description telling you its fake.  Sometimes you’ll see “custom” cards and various other homemade items up for sale, but rarely will you find one stating its fake right up front.  Believe it or not, but it has (1) bid on it for $0.10 which is probably what this basic unsigned insert is worth.  I guess you could give the seller credit.  At least their being honest 🙂


Card of the Day: Larry Csonka 2002 Topps Ring of Honor Auto