Card of the Day: Rex Hudler 1995 Topps Stadium Club #51

Card of the Day: Rex Hudler 1996 Leaf Signature Series Auto

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What a cool name – “Rex Hudler”

There have been a lot of baseball players with cool names, but Rex Hudler has to be one of my favorites.  I actually met him once back in the late 90’s at my first Phillies Caravan in Harrisburg, PA.  I remember it so well because while waiting in line to get autographs, one of the employees of the Phillies came up to me and asked if I would like to go upstairs to visit with the Phillies instead of waiting in the very long line.  I said “sure”, and we made our way up the elevator.  In the media room the Phillies were in I met John Vukovich, Mike Lieberthal, Wayne Gomes, and Rex Hudler.  That was the day I became a huge Phillies fan.  The name Rex Hudler just sounds like a baseball player’s name.  I wish they wouldn’t made more cards of him.  He has an autographed card from 1996 Leaf Signature.  I know for a fact they never made any memorabilia cards.  Over his 14 years as a professional, he had a batting average of .261, 461 hits, and 56 HR’s.