Michael Jackson Trading Cards

In today’s hobby, its not that common to see an entire product based on a single individual.  You might see it done with a certain team, but rarely with one person.  Back in the 80’s, manufacturers made all kinds of trading card sets for specific celebrities including Michael Jackson.  In 1984 Topps released a set based around the pop icon.  Each box contains 36 wax packs with 3 cards and 3 stickers per pack.  Later that year Topps released a 2nd series based around Jackson.  In a way these could be considered his “rookie” cards.  I would highly suggest not purchasing anything of Jackson right now because the prices are through the roof.  It would be better to wait until things calm down.

Currently Jackson has no relic or autographed cards floating around the secondary market.  With all those colorful outfits he wore, I’m sure they would make for some interesting relics to pull.  R.I.P the King of Pop.

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