Card of the Day: Mike Schmidt 2002 Topps Tribute Lasting Impressions #49


Card of the Day: Michael Jordan/LeBron James 2003-04 UD Legends Rookie Impressions Dual Auto


Why Didn’t These Catch On?

Historical Impressions were inserts that could be pulled from boxes of 2003 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts.  With a hobby filled with manufactured letter patches, I’m really surprised this concept didn’t stick around.  As you can see these cards feature a rubber stamp containing a facsimile cut signature.  I don’t know about you, but I’d rather pull one of these from a pack instead of a letter patch of some no name rookie.  Back in 2003 I pulled one of Mickey Cochrane, but it has since moved to a new home.  I’ve always thought these looked cool and are great for those people that can’t afford a real cut signature for their collection.  Most of them are serial numbered to 350 copies, but you can find parallels limited to fewer numbers.  I say bring these back and ad in a few relics to them.