Leaf Possibly Including Schwarzenegger Autos In 2012 Pop Century

I’m making a prediction.  I think Leaf plans to include autographs of Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2012 Pop Century.  Why do I believe this?  Last night they sent out the following message on Twitter:

“Just did a ridiculously cool deal for 2012 pop century.. I cannot say anything till the autos arrive.. But, I am pumped!!!”

The key words in that message are “cool deal” and “pumped”.  Schwarzenegger autographs would make a perfect fit for their Pop Century product.  His autos are in high-demand.  This 1997 Fleer/Skybox Batman and Robin Widevision Schwarzenegger autograph sells between $200.00 and $300.00.  His Conan the Barbarian cut signatures made by Rittenhouse can sell for even more when they surface.

Could I be looking into Leaf’s message too much?  Sure.  But it is fun to guess.  Let’s see if I’m right.