Upper Deck Unveils 2014 Industry Summit Promos Among All The Drama

The Industry Summit has been getting a lot of attention this year, and not for the right reasons.  Apparently In The Game and Leaf aren’t members of the cool club at school since they won’t be allowed to attend.  This has resulted in a law suit from Leaf, and Dr. Price of ITG has openly expressed his opinions to the world on this matter.  What do I think of this?  I think its garbage.  Every manufacturer involved within this hobby should be allowed to attend and voice their opinions.  Brian Gray of Leaf did take some shots at other companies during his speech last year, but that’s no reason to block him out.  If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.  Why ITG isn’t allowed to attend is a complete mystery to me.  Both licensed and non-licensed manufacturers have the right to be there.  Don’t change the rules mid-game and say non-licensed manufacturers can’t go.  Onyx Authenticated and Press Pass are on the list of attendees, and they issue non-licensed products all the time.  Its all just excuses covering up the truth.  Bullies afraid they might lose something.

Whatever your opinion is on the whole Industry Summit thing, you have to admit what manufacturers are allowed to come give away some great stuff.  I’d go as far to say that their promos are better than the stuff you’d get during the National Sports Collectors Convention.  They should be considering all the money these dealers spend on their products each year.  Plus they can help offset the costs of attending.  With the Industry Summit just a few weeks away, I thought we’d be seeing more promo previews of what attendees might find.  But so far we haven’t see too much.

 photo 2014-Upper-Deck-Las-Vegas-Industry-Summit-Autograph-Ken-Griffey-Jr_zpse0171c83.jpg

 photo 2014-Upper-Deck-Las-Vegas-Industry-Summit-Quad-Auto-Jordan-Tiger-Gretzky-Griffey_zpsed4adea6.jpg

With Upper Deck celebrating their 25th anniversary, you can expect them to be giving away all types of promos throughout the year.  Especially during the Industry Summit and NSCC.  Upper Deck plans to give out 25th anniversary autograph, dual autograph, and quad autograph cards randomly to Upper Deck Certified Diamond Dealers during the 2014 Industry Summit.  What else is coming has yet to be seen.  If you get your hands on one of the above cards, there is a good chance you might forget all the drama surrounding this year’s Industry Summit.  I know I would.  Hopefully we get to see some more promos before the Industry Summit starts.

Card of the Day: Willis Reed 12-13 Panini Select Green Industry Summit Parallel

 photo reedgreen_zps26e33993.jpg

Card of the Day: LeBron James 2013 Upper Deck Infinite Industry Summit Exclusives

 photo 13isjames_zps9416883a.jpg

2011 Industry Summit Thoughts

In my mind the 2011 Industry Summit seems to be getting a lot more attention this year than usual.  Panini seems to be stirring up the most attention with its new distribution system, HD video trading cards, and their popular Black Boxes.  Black Boxes are cool, HD trading cards are way cool, but I’m not a fan of the new distribution system.  It focuses on minimum pricing and a week long delay for non-card shop retailers.  This system is suppose to drive more collectors to brick and mortar shops, because online dealers won’t be able to sell new wax until it has been out for a week in the hobby shops, and they won’t be able to drop the price level past a certain amount.  To make a long story short, after this system has been in place for a few years, don’t be surprised if you see 5 year old Panini products selling for close to what they were when they originally came out.  There isn’t a real need to complain, because I don’t think this system will last.  Its just a small blip on the hobby radar.

I’m really interested to see a working model of Panini’s HD video cards.  I doubt that it could get anymore authentic then watching a video on the card of the player signing the card.  I just hope collectors will be able to replace the batteries when they run out.  Or maybe they’ll be powered by the pure power of the hobby 🙂


According to Sports Card Radio, Leaf is suppose to be creating a tri-fold booklet that contains cut signatures of John F. Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald, and a car seat relic from the actual car JFK was shot in.  Sounds kinda creepy, but also kinda cool.

On April 12th, Upper Deck plans to unveil “Evolution” that is suppose to change the hobby.  I’m not sure whats its about, but I bet it deals with on-card video too.  Perhaps it will involve some type of interactive card.  Lots of exciting stuff going on!

Panini’s New Medieval Card Creating Castle

Panini America, Inc has moved into a new HQ and man does it look good.  Panini’s marketing guy, Scott Prusha, did an excellent job designing it.  For even more pictures, be sure to check out The Knight’s Lance.


Possibly the coolest looking doorway of any manufacturer.


For those of you that are attending the 2011 Industry Summit in Las Vegas, Panini will be supplying their popular Black Boxes.  Each box contains a bunch of exclusive “hits”, including a one-of-one.  You can pull cards like the one pictured above.  More pictures can be seen here.

2011 Outlook

As we close the book on 2010, I would like to shed some light on a few things I look forward to and would like to see more of in 2011.


Hank Aaron and Sandy Koufax will leave a significant impression on many 2011 Topps baseball products.  I think its great that Topps was able to come to an agreement with these two legends.  Both are in high demand and don’t have a ton of modern day autographs to collect.  Hopefully these newer cards won’t devalue some of the older ones that collectors have loved for years.  Modern Koufax relics and autographs are harder to come by than Aaron’s.  I would love to add a Koufax relic to my personal collection someday, that’s if I can find one at a reasonable price.  I want to see Topps release a Koufax autographed buyback rookie.


One product that I’m super excited about is Topps Supreme Football.  Technically it’s a 2010 product, but its not going to be released until 1/26/11.  It’s basically Topps’s version of Ultimate Collection.  Since Upper Deck canned Ultimate Collection, Supreme looks to be a terrific substitute.  Each hobby box contains (1) low numbered autograph, autograph relic, or relic card.  Topps has had some trouble producing effective high-end products in the past, but Supreme looks really good.  In February I’m scheduled to attend a Supreme Rip Party.  I’m sure it will be fun!!!

In 2011, I would like to see trading cards incorporated more into other products.  Incorporation is a powerful tool, and without it we wouldn’t have the hobby we all love today.  If the Dukes wouldn’t have incorporated those little cardboard inserts within their packages of tobacco, you wouldn’ be reading this blog.  Sports cards have been at a standstill for years, and nothing really “new” and “innovative” has come along to drive in new collectors.  Panini has started off on the right foot by providing a free promo pack of ‘10/’11 Rookies & Stars basketball cards to anyone that purchases $20.00 or more of NBA-licensed memorabilia at Kids Foot Locker.  They also included a few Drew Brees autographed cards in random copies of Madden.  I want to see more marketing like this.  You have to reach beyond the traditional collector.  You can’t just stay where you are, and hope they come to you.  You must go to them.

All in all, I think 2011 will be an exciting year for the industry.  I’m sure there will be some nice surprises along the way.  I look forward to many box breaks and big pulls.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

2010 Las Vegas Industry Summit Promos

Maybe its just me, but I haven’t heard a lot out of the 2010 Las Vegas Summit thats going on this week.  If you could afford to attend, I guess industry leaders get together and talk about how to improve The Hobby.  Who knows if anything is getting done, but a few promos have hit the market that I’d like to share.


Otto Graham


Walter Payton

Each of these were provided to certain people as promos.  Both cards are numbered 1/1 and come encased with a Panini sticker across the top.


You can’t forget about Benchwarmers.  Who actually collects these other than overweight guys who have a 98% chance of appearing on an episode of Cops.

I also heard from Upper Deck that they provided a lot of memorabilia and Greats of the Game jersey sheets.  I’d sure like to see what they look like.

2010 Las Vegas Sports Collectibles Industry Summit


On April 11-14, 2010 the sports collectibles industry will be having its trade show/conference that usually takes place in Hawaii, but instead this year it will be in Las Vegas.  I’ve never attended this conference, but would really like to someday.  You get the chance to meet industry leaders and listen in on discussions about The Hobby.  Of coarse, just like The National, one of the biggest draws to this are the promos that many of the guests receive.  In the past, one of the most popular promos are the Black Boxes provided by Donruss/Playoff (Panini).  I purchased a Black Box a few years ago and inside were seven 1/1 printing plates, and two of them were autographed.  Black Boxes aren’t the only promos flying around either.  There are a ton of autograph and memorabilia cards for collectors to snatch up.  I e-mailed Kevin Isaacson who is one of the event hosts to see if they could let me know what kind of promos they plan to have this year.

Attending this conference isn’t like going to The National, for one thing it costs a lot more.  The early bird special is only $299.  For more information you can check out their website here.  Who knows?  Maybe someday Sports Card Info will be a sponsor too.


This Manning autograph was a promo during the ’07 conference.

A Good Sign

Yesturday when I visited one of my local card shops, I saw a good sign.  There are a lot of people that think the bad economy is having a big hit on the hobby, but when I walked in that door yesturday it sure didn’t look like the case to me.  The cash register up by the front door is on a table that is pretty high, and the tape reached all the way to the floor.  I asked the owner how business was going?  He replied that they are selling a ton of high-end products by the box such as 2008 Bowman Sterling football.  This bad economy doesn’t seem to be hurting the card collectors in my neighborhood.  Its great to see a card shop that has been in business for over 30 years have a register tape reach all the way to the floor, especially when its full of expensive products.  A recent report on The Cardboard Connection stated that Topps and Upper Deck both have sold out of some of their products from last year.  I’m thinking that sports card collecting provides an escape for some people from the world’s problems.  For those people that think our hobby is in the crapper, I respectfully disagree.  I think our hobby is doing good, and I can’t wait to see what surprises come next.


Jim Bunning Not Welcome


Thats ok Jim, your welcome at any sports memorabilia show in Pennsylvania.  Click here for the whole story.