Card of the Day: Terrell Owens 1996 Pacific Invincible Platinum Blue #I-132

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Flashback Product of the Week: 2000 Pacific Invincible

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Pacific Trading Cards had a good run.  They created some spiffy looking sets that could only be truly enjoyed if you were taking high doses of LSD.  Some of the cards they created were a real trip.

One of Pacific’s last MLB licensed products was 2000 Invincible.  By this time in the hobby, relic cards were becoming more of an expected thing to pull.  2000 Invincible offered a 32 relic card checklist, which was pretty big at the time.  Most of the relics have been totally forgotten about since the hobby has been flooded with these things over the last 14 years.  It takes a lot more than a plain colored jersey piece numbered to 1,000 to get collectors excited today.  The patch cards still get a fair amount of attention though.  But in the end, one card sticks out among all the others.  That’s the Manny Ramirez corked bat relic.

This card is an urban legend that collectors continue to talk about today.  Its currently up for sale with a $2,000 asking price.  Even though Pacific’s former Vice President of Marketing, Jeff Morris, revealed in an interview on The Cardboard Connection that this wasn’t a marketing ploy, I’m still not sold.  How could you not want the attention this card brought to your brand?  Its not like Pacific put the piece of cork in the bat.  They just found it, supposedly.  If the bat piece is authentic, I think it would have been worse if they left the corked piece out.  I’d consider that hiding the truth if they did.  At the time of this product’s release, many people didn’t think Ramirez would have used a corked bat.  Now that we know he used banned substances, its not that hard to believe the whole corked bat situation.  If someone is willing to mess with their body using that stuff, a corked bat surely isn’t out of the question.  I believe this will always be a gray area that collectors will never see the entire truth.

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The base set and inserts aren’t in high demand.  Johan Santana is the only notable rookie.  Purple parallels are numbered to 299, and blue to 67.  As you can see, Pacific makes sure there is a lot going on even with the base cards.

Flashback Product of the Week: 1997 Pacific Invincible Football

All I can say is that 1997 Pacific Invincible football is one hell of a colorful set.  Just looking at the base cards makes my eyes feel funny.  I love the design and having the window on the front really looks cool.  This product is a great example of how the 90’s had some of the best designed sets.  Each box contains 36 packs and can be found for about $60.00.