“Pin-Up” of the Week: 2012 London Summer Olympics White iPhone Pin

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Attendees to the 2012 Summer Olympics in London could have walked into an Apple Store and picked-up one of four different pins.  Apple gave away pins designed to look like a white iPhone, black iPhone, white iPad, and a black iPad.  Each one features the United Kingdom flag on the screen.  They are quite easy to come by and cost just a few dollars.

Speaking of the iPhone.  Have you downloaded the Sports Card Album app yet?  Its pretty much the best thing to hit the hobby since the rookie card.

Sports Card Album Launches App For iOS 7.0

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Many collectors have wondered what the future holds for this fine hobby of ours.  Everyone wants to know what the next “big thing” will be.  I personally don’t think it will be one giant event.  Instead it will be a bunch of stuff that comes together.

One of the greatest innovations collectors have seen recently is the launch of Sports Card Album last summer by it’s creator Sergio Dubois.  In less than a year it has acquired over 2,500 registered users and over 130,000 cards.  More are being added every day.  Sports Card Album easily allows you to show off your collection and track what your friends are adding to theirs.  Gone are the days of linking your Photobucket account to the signature line of your favorite forum.  Sports Card Album is here to revolutionize the way you share your collection!!!

In addition to the website, which is free to use, there is now an official Sports Card Album app for the iOS 7.0 platform.  It only costs $3.99, around the same price of a pack of cards.  According to Mr. Dubois,  “This app allows users to register, add cards to their album by snapping pics on their iPhone, crop their photos, follow friends, message friends, like cards, share cards via Twitter or Facebook, filter the live “feed” by sport, and search the entire database for specific cards or users.  Future updates are already underway and will include the ability to create albums via the app, change profile pictures, rotate images, receive notifications for messages, comments, and likes, and a whole lot more.  Proceeds from the sale of this app will go directly to the development of the Android app, the iPad Optimized app, and additional app features.”

I’m a huge fan of Sports Card Album.  This is one thing the hobby needed.  Be sure to check out Sports Card Info’s profile.  I’m hoping to add more to it soon.

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