Card of the Day: Masahiro Tanaka 2014 Donruss Rated Rookie Japanese Variation #201

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Japanese Charlie

Charlie Manuel may not have been that popular of a player, but he is one heck of a manager.  When it comes to cards, Manuel doesn’t have that many.  He has a lot of base cards in products like Allen & Ginter and your basic Topps.  Manuel only has one certified autograph from 2001 Topps Base Hit Autographed Relics which rarely pop-up for sale.  Cards from the 70’s and 80’s barely sell for much, except for his 1970 Topps rookie depending on the condition.  One of my favorite vintage cards of Manuel comes from 1979 TCMA featuring him in his Kintetsu Buffaloes uniform.  For 5-6 years he played baseball over in Japan and this is one of the few cards to feature him in a Japanese uniform.  Recently this card sold for $15.00, which is more than usual for a vintage Manuel card.


Kosuke Fukudome 2008 Upper Deck Series 2 SP Info

The 2008 Upper Series 2 Deck Kosuke Fukudome RC has been very popular since its release last week.  Today, Upper Deck annouced that there is even a harder version of this card to pull.  This rare SP is written in all Japanese.  According to Upper Deck, “Fukudome has a huge following in Japan and we felt it necessary to recognize that by creating this rare version which will likely be very popular in Asia,” said Jason Masherah, Upper Deck’s Baseball brand manager. “There has not been very much activity on them so far as many collectors may not fully realize what they have. Collectors lucky enough to pull one of these cards will have found a card that’s in high-demand with Japanese collectors in particular”.