Jets ’15 Topps Triple Threads Jumbo Jersey Contest Winner Announced

 photo smttjsy_zpsfegu2v50.jpg

Congrats to mlblogsyankeesjetsfan on being the lucky winner of the Devin Smith 2015 Topps Triple Threads RC Jumbo Jersey #’ed/99.  Once mlblogsyankeesjetsfan sends me their mailing address, I will ship this card ASAP.  Thanks!

Do My Eyes Deceive Me……………………..

Or is this the first card of Brett Favre in a Jets outfit thats not a gimmick or redemption?  Looks to me like card #120 from 2008 Leaf Certified Materials is the real thing.  By the way, I really like this year’s design of LCM.


Digital Copies of Cards

Ok, with all the hype and talk about Brett Favre I thought I would see if anyone was trying to sell anything with Brett Favre in a Jets uniform.  Of coarse no major card company would have anything out yet, but there is one seller that has attempted a try at it.  They state in the description that the winning bidder will receive a digital copy of the card e-mailed to them once they receive their payment.  They card isn’t even physically real.  I can’t believe that this auction even has a bid on it.  At least they state its a custom card, but why would anyone buy it?  I hope we don’t see this happening more and more with other players.