Contest Results Are In

Congrats to Sports Card Info reader Chris for winning this week’s contest.  Chris wins everything pictured below from the box of 2009 TRISTAR TNA Knockouts that I busted.  Would the winner please send me an e-mail with their shipping address so I can mail your package out ASAP.  

Below are the results from


2009 TRISTAR TNA Knockouts Review

Yesturday I received a box of 2009 TRISTAR TNA Knockouts Wrestling cards to review.  When they asked if I wanted to try something new, they sure weren’t kidding.  I personally wouldn’t purchase a box of this stuff because I’m not a huge wrestling fan but for those collectors that are fans, I’m sure you would enjoy this product.  Here is what I pulled and think about this product.

Design: Photobucket

The design of this product seems simple.  Most of the cards I pulled featured action shots, but some were closeup profile images.  The names are easy to read and do not blend into the background like some other products do.  I like how TRISTAR changed the colors of their logo to match the color scheme of each card.  The serial number on the Lauren Event-Worn Memorabilia card is difficult to see because the back is purple and so is the stamp used to print the number.  I didn’t see the serial number until the second time I looked at the back.

Price: Photobucket

Boxes can be purchased for under $50.00.  In today’s market, you don’t see many products under $50.00 that guarantees at least 4 hits.  With only 3,600 boxes produced, you have a decent chance of pulling some stuff that could pay for the box, but I wouldn’t count on it every time.  

Hit Quality: Photobucket 

On the front on each box it states “4 Hits Per Box” – 1 Event-Used Memorabilia or Knockout Kiss, plus 2 autographs and 1 parallel numbered to 40 or less.  My box contained 5 hits:

  • Roxxi parallel #’ed/40
  • Sharmell autograph #’ed/75
  • Velvet Sky autograph
  • Lauren Knockout Kiss #’ed/75
  • Lauren Event-Worn Memorabilia #’ed/10

I actually pulled some decent hits and its always good to see boxes providing more than what the average would be.  The relic card contains a sequin from her dress which is something I’ve never pulled before (probably because baseball & football uniforms don’t have them).

Overall: Photobucket 

This box gets an overall score of 3 hearts (1=poor 5=perfect).  The quality of hits when correlated with the price seems like a good product for wrestling fans to open.  I wouldn’t say that every box will have more than 4 hits, but it looks as if there is a slight chance of it happening.  This product isn’t like other wrestling cards.  It focuses solely on the hot women of wrestling, which I don’t think is a great aspect to focus on for an entire product.  I would suggest that they include some more famous names in wrestling.  I’d like to see a baseball or football product that costs less than $50.00 and guarantees 4 hits be made.

TRISTAR Mailday!

Last week I got an e-mail from TRISTAR asking me if I’d like to try something new.  I said sure.  Today the UPS man dropped off a sealed box of 2009 TRISTAR TNA Knockouts.  18 packs per box with 4 cards per pack.  4 hits per box on average.

Look for a full review coming tomorrow!