Ryan’s True Rookie?

The debate about what is and is not a true rookie card has been going on for a lot longer than you think.  One of the most popular vintage cards has to be the Nolan Ryan / Jerry Koosman 1968 Topps RC.  But did you know that Ryan actually appears on an earlier card?  Ryan played for a short time with the Mets in 1966 and has is name on the back of the 1967 Topps Mets Team card.  This doesn’t seem to influence collectors very much because the ’68 Topps gets a lot more attention.  I just think its funny that in today’s hobby the first cards to feature a player are consider true rookies (at least by collectors and not the MLBPA) and the second year cards usually aren’t worth as much.  In the case of Nolan Ryan, its totally opposite.

The ’68 Topps is heavly counterfeited.  Be sure you know what to look for with those Rookie Stars.