Out Of Control Warning Labels

Earlier this year I talked about how boxes of ’09 Allen & Ginter come with a warning label informing people of the choking hazards these cards supposively have.  All I can picture in my head is some nut sitting at his desk and eating one of those mini cards that come in each pack.  Last night I saw another example of warning labels being used to the extreme while busting a few packs of ’09 Donruss Threads Football.  On the front of each pack it states “Ages: 9+”.  What is so dangerous about ’09 Donruss Threads that they don’t think a kid under the age of 9 should open it?  All around The Hobby you hear collectors and manufacturers saying they wish more kids would start collecting.  How the hell are they suppose to do that when the products contain labels telling them they aren’t old enough to open them?  Warning labels have their place in the world, but putting them on products like this is just out of control.  Does anybody else find this weird?