Card of the Day: Steve Largent 1977 Topps RC #177

 photo largent77toppsrc_zpsjdi5jbfy.jpg

Flashback Product of the Week: 1989 Pacific Steve Largent


No this is not a joke.  In 1989 Pacific released a 110-card set based solely on Seattle Seahawks wide receiver and Hall of Famer Steve Largent.  The first 85 cards cover various career highlights over the 13 years he spent with the Seahawks.  The remaining 25 cards are puzzle pieces that when placed together reveal a poster of Largent.  Collectors can find this product in factory set and wax pack form.  Either form can be found easily for under $20.00.

Do I think we will see any new Steve Largent themed products in the near future?  Probably not.  If it were to happen, I bet Leaf would be the one to do it. I just don’t think the demand is quite there.