Leaf’s 4-Card Set For 2019 National VIPs

Leaf Trading Cards has a 4-card set for VIPs attending the 2019 National Sports Collectors Convention.  The set includes Kyler Murray, Stephen Curry, Harrison Ford, and Wander Franco.

Leaf’s 4-Card 2018 NSCC VIP Set

Leaf has unveiled their 4-card set VIPs will find inside their swag-bag.  The Leaf booth usually takes up the most space when it comes to corporate attendees.  Brian Gray always uses the National as a platform to show off future products.  2018 Leaf Best of Sports and 2018 Leaf Metal Pop Century qualify for their wrapper redemption program.

Maple Leafs Printing Plate Contest Winner Announced

Congrats to Ron on being the lucky winner of the 2016 Leaf Lumber Kings Hockey 50 Goal Club – Rick Vaive – Magenta Plate #’ed 1/1.  Once Ron sends me his mailing address, I will ship this card ASAP.  Thanks!

Mayweather/McGregor Highlight Leaf’s 2017 NSCC Cards

Leaf usually has one of the largest booths in the corporate area.  They also have multiple promotions going on for the 2017 National Sports Collectors Convention.  Even if you don’t participate in any of their wrapper redemption programs, their booth is still worth stopping at.  Leaf likes to show off a lot of new cards which will be featured in upcoming products.

Just by opening a hobby box of Leaf cards (2011-present) at their booth will get you entered to win one of five Floyd Mayweather/Conor McGregor dual autographs.  Each day of the show one will be given away.  You must be present to win.

Collectors opening boxes of 2017 Leaf Pop Century will receive a Pop Century NSCC proof card #’ed/1.  A case will get you six proof cards and a Century Signature #’ed/1.

Opening a box of 2016-17 In The Game-Used will yield a specially made Jack Eichel relic card.  These will have parallels.  Nolan Patrick/Nico Hischier dual autograph cards and a full set of Eichel relics will be waiting for those who open a case.

VIPs will find a non-autographed version of the dual Mayweather/McGregor card in their bag.  A card of Vin Scully will also be thrown in.

Mike Berkus Highlights Leaf’s 2016 National VIP Set

In addition to their wrapper redemption program, Leaf will provide VIPs with a 4-card set.  The set includes Tom Brady, Jack Eichel, Mariano Rivera, and National Sports Collectors Convention co-founder Mike Berkus.  Mike Berkus passed away last year, and it wouldn’t surprise me if we see more tributes to him from other companies.

 photo 13631671_10154124070721977_6032856538572369294_n_zpsee4lqbiw.jpg

 photo 13669697_10154124070826977_9103592723049704678_n_zpsfrudkgzp.jpg

 photo 13619870_10154124070806977_73326226603179004_n_zpssmblv347.jpg

 photo 13606472_10154124070746977_3116617658990083519_n_zps1hlt3ysj.jpg

Brian Gray Inscription Autos Highlight Leaf’s 2016 National Promos

Leaf Trading Cards is next on the list of manufacturers to unveil their plans for the 2016 National Sports Collectors Convention, which takes place Aug. 3-7 in Atlantic City, NJ.  Historically, Leaf is known to have one of the larger booths setup in the corporate area.  You can’t attend the National without stopping by their booth at least once.  They always have a lot of cool cards and memorabilia on display which will be used in upcoming products.

The following Leaf products are eligible for their case break promotion:

  • 2016 Leaf Pop Century
  • 2016 In The Game Used Hockey
  • 2016 Leaf Metal Tennis
  • any Leaf U.S. Army All-American Football
  • 2016 Leaf Genesis Hockey

Anyone who opens a case of these products will receive a 2016 Best of the National box.  Inside these exclusive boxes you’ll find graded rookie cards of Kobe Bryant, Steph Curry, and Michael Jordan.  Leaf has also thrown in some NFL players, autographs, and memorabilia.

The following Leaf products are eligible for their box break promotion:

  • 2016 Leaf Pop Century
  • 2016 In The Game Used Hockey
  • 2016 Leaf Metal Tennis
  • 2016 Leaf Genesis Hockey

Anyone who opens (2) boxes of these products will receive a Babe Ruth Yankee Stadium seat relic containing the National Sports Collectors Convention Stamp numbered to (10).

 photo Ruth_Yankee_Stadium_Mem2_zpstgxni91r.jpg

 photo Ruth_Yankee_Stadium_Mem_zpsmhscz1vo.jpg

Leaf’s CEO, Brian Gray, is not one to hold back when it comes to voicing his opinion on what he thinks needs to be done in order to make the hobby better.  Collectors attending the NSCC can keep an eye out for some exclusive Brian Gray autographed cards featuring fun inscriptions.  If you’ve got something cool your looking to sell, Leaf might be interested.  They’re giving away prizes to those people who sell them a card.

 photo Brian_INSC1_zps08lbv0vm.jpg

 photo Brian_INSC2_zpszbb3zgti.jpg

 photo eichel16leafpromo_zpspydopwfa.jpg

 photo elliot16leafpromo_zps2wsvtfjm.jpg

 photo Wentz_promo_zpstxjagqkp.jpg

Maple Leafs Contest Winner Announced

Congrats to Schuyler on being the winner of the Luke Schenn 11-12 Pinnacle Threads Jersey card.  Once Schuyler sends me their mailing address I will ship this card ASAP.  Thanks!


Leaf’s Little Packers Project – 2012 Vince Lombardi Collection


In early 2012 Leaf plans to release a product entitled Vince Lombardi Collection.  It will be much like their ’11 Pete Rose Legacy, but instead the majority of the cards will be geared towards the Green Bay Packers.

The Packers are one of the most established and distinguished football franchises in history.  Being founded in 1919 there is almost 100 years of history to cover.  There are a lot of players and events to cover over that time period, most notably their 13 World Championships.

According to Leaf, they have 80% of the autographs needed.  Leaf was able to get a bunch while they were in Chicago for the Sun Times Show.  Collectors will be able to look for rare inscriptions.  The Packers are 10-0 so far and Aaron Rodges can do no wrong.  He is truly playing like a gridiron god.  If the Packers keep this pace and go all the way, Leaf could score big with a product like this.  I think Leaf will score big anyway, but having the Packers win the Super Bowl couldn’t hurt.

Leaf’s “Shoeless Joe” Jackson Cut Sells For $26,290.00

Last weekend Heritage Auctions sold the “Shoeless Joe” Jackson 2010 Leaf Sports Icons Update Cut Signature for $26,290.00.  That’s far from the $80,000.00 it was said to be valued at, but still not a bad sale considering the box the redemption was pulled in cost less than $100.00.

Bill Witherspoon was one of the lucky collectors to pull one of the Four Leaf Clover redemptions inserted into boxes of 2010 Leaf Sports Icons Update Cut Signature Edition.  During the National Sports Collectors Convention last summer in Chicago, Witherspoon ended up winning the Jackson cut at the Leaf booth.  He pulled the redemption from Marty’s Sports Card Exchange.  After winning the Jackson cut, he consigned the card to Heritage Auctions to sell.

This sets the bar pretty high when it comes to cut signature card prices.  I can’t help but wonder if maybe it could have gotten more if they would have left the entire document intact.  Either way, in this economy having that extra cash will be really nice.  Nice card Leaf!!!



Leaf’s Ichiro Metal Draft Patch Autos Ready To Ship

Well here you go.  All of the Ichiro 2011 Leaf Metal Draft Baseball Ultimate Patch Autographs have been signed and are ready to be shipped.  I think they look fantastic!

Brian Gray announced yesterday that Leaf has never purchased anything from those six dealers involved in the fraud case that was unveiled this week.  Leaf was the first manufacturer to come out and state their position and I think it is something that all manufacturers should do.  For a relic to be 100% authentic I think it should come from the team, league, or individual athlete.  Not these off-the-wall dealers that sit behind a computer all day printing off meaningless COAs.  The day might come where we have league run card manufacturers to make sure everything is authentic.  Or perhaps the day will come where we only have one manufacturer that deals directly with each league.  It sure sounds like a monopoly, but it could work.