2016 Topps Legacies Of Baseball Box Break & Review

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Legacies Of Baseball is a new high-end product from Topps.  Its another one of those sets that fits into that $150.00 to $200.00 range.  The box price might not be for everyone, but you should be able to pickup some nice looking singles on the secondary market.

To me, the design looks like a perfect mix of InceptionValor, and Fire.  It has a lot of artsy things going on.  Not always with the player’s photo, but the rest of the card for sure.  On-card autographs completely flood this product which is great.  I think the vertically designed booklets came out well.  One side of the booklet has the artsy image of the player, while the other side contains the relic and autograph.  The Legacies Of Baseball logo overlaps the relic just a little and acts like a silhouette.  Small design elements like this stand out to me.

Outside of the autographs and relics, Topps included these interesting Vault Metal cards.  Over the years, Topps has amassed a large collection of photos.  Instead of taking these photos and giving them all kinds of effects, Topps just left them alone.  Other than the player’s name, position, team, and Topps Vault logo there really isn’t much to it.  But to make the cards unique, Topps printed them on a piece of aluminum.  These remind me a lot of Stadium Club and 1997 Zenith Baseball.  Nothing fancy, just great photography.  Topps threw in one per box.  The most common ones you’re most likely to pull are numbered to 135.  Other parallels include Purple, Red, and Black.  Collectors seem to enjoy these quite a bit.  Low numbered parallels have been commanding decent prices.  I always find it impressive when you can get people to want something that isn’t a relic or autograph.

At a quick glance, Legacies Of Baseball might seem like your run of the mill product.  For those people who open their box not getting that pull of a lifetime, this is exactly how they will treat it.  Its got a nice checklist, on-card autographs, and the Vault Metal cards are cool.

Here is what I pulled:


  • Jose Canseco Tenacity Auto #’ed/199
  • Omar Vizquel Tradition Auto #’ed/199

 photo canseco16tgauto1_zpsvaakqj35.jpg

 photo omar16tlauto1_zpsytgym0al.jpg


  • Nolan Ryan Lasting Imprints #’ed/99
  • Eric Karros Vault Metal #’ed/135

 photo ryan16toppslasting1_zpsf69lk0pq.jpg

 photo karrosvault1_zpspybjdnt5.jpg

Card of the Day: Babe Ruth 2016 Topps Legacies Of Baseball Lasting Imprints

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