Card of the Day: Mario Lemieux 1996 Upper Deck Game Jersey


Card of the Day: Wayne Gretzky/Mario Lemieux 2005-06 UD The Cup NHL Shields

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How To Spot A Fake Mario Lemieux 1985-86 Topps Rookie #9

Have you ever heard of KSA Grading?  I know, me either.  Today I came across their website and found that they have a lot of information about spotting fake cards.  Here is what they say about spotting a fake Mario Lemieux 1985-86 Topps Rookie #9.

“The biggest thing to watch for on the Lemieux RC is the Penguins logo in the top right corner.  Under magnification, the logo should have solid black shading and good colour seperation.  If the black shading or colour borders are dotted or bleed together you are probably looking at a counterfeit.  Another thing to look at on the Lemieux RC are the edges on the front of the card.  If you notice the maroon colour from the back of the card showing some blend into the white edges on the front of the card, again red flags should go up.  Be careful when buying or trading for a Lemieux RC as there are many variations of reprints out there.”