Leaf Produces Andrew Luck’s First Licensed Cards


Leaf has produced Andrew Luck’s first licensed football cards.  Leaf is selling them on eBay, and if your interested in purchasing one click here.  Luck was the Heisman Trophy runner up two years in a row, and will be one of the NFL’s next top prospects.

Collectors have a wide variety of choices when it comes to purchasing one of these cards.  Leaf made some limited to 500 copies all the way down to 1.  People are going nuts over them already, and they aren’t even autographed.

Leaf is planning to have autographs later.  It wasn’t too long ago that an Andrew Luck Leaf Executive Collection Cut Signature sold for $1,000.00.  What can I say?  Collectors love Leaf’s products.



Leaf has closed the auctions on the Luck Prismatic cards due to a few spelling errors.  I wonder if any misspellings found their way out? 🙂