2020/21 Topps Chrome UEFA Champions League Sapphire Edition Box Pop-Ups At Local Card Show

And the plot thickens…

Over the weekend I reported about how an eBay seller seemed to have singles listed that look to have come from 2020/21 Topps Chrome UEFA Champions League Sapphire Edition. Pretty interesting considering this product hasn’t even been announced by Topps yet.

Blowout Cards forum user ybomber attended a local card show over the weekend where a dealer had at least (1) box of 2020/21 Topps Chrome UEFA Champions League Sapphire Edition for sale. These are either completely legit or someone did a fantastic job counterfeiting the entire line. I’m thinking they are the real deal though.

One major difference between the 2019/20 and 2020/21 set is where they were printed. The 2019/20 set was printed in Canada, whereas the 2020/21 set looks to have been printed in Italy. Many of their non-U.S. sports products have switched to being printed in the Italy facility.

How it made it out of Italy and on the U.S. streets already is the big mystery. Maybe Topps plans to release it soon. When it is officially released it looks to be another Topps online-exclusive. Most likely Topps 582 Montgomery Club members will get first dibs.

Local Teacher Makes The Hall of Fame

This kinda has to do with sports cards, but I just found out that a local teacher at my old high school was inducted into the Ultimate Frisbee Hall of Fame.  His name is Harvey Edwards, an English teacher at Selinsgrove Area High School.  I remember him visiting the elementary schools when I was little and he would show a lot of different frisbee tricks.  I had no idea that there was an Ultimate Frisbee Hall of Fame.  I’m waiting for Topps to make an Allen & Ginter card of him.  Thats exactly where you would see a card of an Ultimate Frisbee Hall of Famer.  

Here is the Bio about him:

Harvey Edwards could be considered one of the first major athletes to compete and lend legitimacy to the sport as true athletic competition.  As a former Division 1 basketball player in college, Harvey added credibility to the sport.  Harvey was a founder, captain, and player for the Bucknell Mudsharks.  A peak performer for the Flying Circus for 4 years, Harvey was known as a great leaper; attempts to defend floaters to him in the end zone were fruitless efforts.  Harvey was renowned as a great spirit and exemplary sportsman; his play and person is widely respected.  Harvey played over the course of 3 decades and extended his career at WFDF with 3 Masters titles with the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove.Teams: Bucknell (’76-’78), Flying Circus (’79-’83), Boozy Idiots (’84-’90), Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove (’91-’95)