Card of the Day: Vince Lombardi 1990 Score #603

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2012 Leaf Vince Lombardi Legacy Box Break & Review

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Leaf seemed to stick with what worked for their Pete Rose Legacy product which was released last year.  The 40-card base set contains a lot of great black and white photography all based on who many consider the greatest football coach of all-time.  Just like Pete Rose Legacy, the backs have a detailed description about the photo featured on the front.

I’m not the biggest fan when it comes to printing plates.  They usually don’t have a quality image to them and sometimes they can be covered in ink.  I’ll make a special exception for Lombardi Legacy though.  I don’t know what it is, but I think the plates look decent.  No, the images on the plates aren’t the clearest, but all the ones I’ve seen are clean.  Plus I think the dim pictures make Vince Lombardi look like a ghost.

When it comes to the autographs, all of them are on-card.  The mostly white card allows the signature to really stand out.  Every autograph comes with an inscription.  There are also various ink colors Leaf had the players use to sign.  The inscriptions are really entertaining to read.  Even though each card comes with an inscription, I think they could have each player write some different ones.  I’ve seen a lot of repetition when it comes to the inscriptions.

I also like that Leaf’s President, Brian Gray, hand signed the redemption cards.  That adds a nice touch.  Leaf isn’t known for using redemptions, but I guess Daryle Lamonica wasn’t able to get his cards back in time.

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You can still find boxes selling for $115.00, but it looks as if they are on the rise.  Some online dealers are selling them for $130.00.

“Hit” Quality:  Photobucket

Every box of Lombardi Legacy comes with (2) inscription autographs, (1) Vince Lombardi personally worn jacket relic, and (4) base cards.  The inscriptions are really cool, but the Lombardi jacket relics are the big draw for me.  This is the first time a Lombardi relic has been inserted into a product.  You can also look for redemptions that can be redeemed for full sized Vince Lombardi signed checks.

I pulled the following:


  •  Zeke Bratkowski Red Ink “Coach Lombardi was one of my greatest influences” Auto #”ed/50
  • Marv Fleming Blue Ink “Miss you Coach” Auto
  • Vince Lombardi personally worn jacket relic #WJ-19
Printing Plate
  • Vince Lombardi Black Plate Base Set 2/2 #8
  • Ready for Green Bay #6
  • Portrait of a Leader #10
  • SBI Victory #24
  • Back in Command #39
Overall:  Photobucket
Overall, I give 2012 Leaf Vince Lombardi Legacy 4 Lombardi Trophies out of 5 (1=poor & 5=perfect).  Between Leaf’s two “Legacy” products, I still think the Pete Rose one is my favorite, but this one isn’t too far behind.  You don’t necessarily have to be a Packers fan to break open a box.  There are autographs in here of guys that didn’t play for the Packers like Len Dawson, but there is a big Packers theme to it.


A Closer Look At Lombardi’s First Relic Cards

These are a couple of better images of some of the Vince Lombardi personally worn jacket relics that you’ll find inside 2012 Leaf Lombardi Legacy that should be released next month.  Remember, you get one of these Lombardi relics per box, plus four base cards and two inscription autographs.  These are the same two pictures you’ll find on the sales sheet, but much better quality.



Leaf’s Bringing Lombardi’s First Relics To Collectors With Lombardi Legacy


Leaf just released the sales sheet for 2012 Lombardi Legacy and all I can say is WOW!!!  Every box will come with (4) base cards, (2) inscription autographs, and (1) Vince Lombardi worn jacket relic card.  Up until now, Lombardi hasn’t had any relic cards.  Leaf will also be randomly inserting redemption cards that can be redeemed for a Vince Lombardi signed check.

Let’s recap:

  • (4) base cards
  • (2) inscription autographs – every autographed card in the set has an inscription
  • (1) Vince Lombardi worn jacket relic card
  • Randomly inserted redemptions that can be redeemed for signed Lombardi checks

This product looks absolutely amazing, and it doesn’t even have an NFL license.  This is exactly how a non-licensed product should be done.  To have a successful non-licensed product the manufacturer must approach the product with an open mind and a unique perspective.  No cookie cutter products from Leaf.

Sneak Peak: 2012 Leaf Vince Lombardi Legacy


Enlarge image

Yesterday I reported that Leaf is planning to release a Green Bay Packers related product entitled Vince Lombardi Collection in early 2012.  It looks as if the real name is Vince Lombardi Legacy.  Today, Leaf gave us a sneak peak of what some of those cards will look like.  Looks like these guys had a few things to say.  Great inscriptions from past Packers and their opponents in every pack.   I can’t wait to see more!!!

Leaf’s Little Packers Project – 2012 Vince Lombardi Collection


In early 2012 Leaf plans to release a product entitled Vince Lombardi Collection.  It will be much like their ’11 Pete Rose Legacy, but instead the majority of the cards will be geared towards the Green Bay Packers.

The Packers are one of the most established and distinguished football franchises in history.  Being founded in 1919 there is almost 100 years of history to cover.  There are a lot of players and events to cover over that time period, most notably their 13 World Championships.

According to Leaf, they have 80% of the autographs needed.  Leaf was able to get a bunch while they were in Chicago for the Sun Times Show.  Collectors will be able to look for rare inscriptions.  The Packers are 10-0 so far and Aaron Rodges can do no wrong.  He is truly playing like a gridiron god.  If the Packers keep this pace and go all the way, Leaf could score big with a product like this.  I think Leaf will score big anyway, but having the Packers win the Super Bowl couldn’t hurt.

Card of the Day: Brett Favre 2008 Topps Lombardi Ghost Photo


$65.00 for a 1990 Pro Set Card

This was brought to my attention last night from a collector who commented on my post about the 90’s having some of the best insert cards.  He informed me about a card from 1990 Pro Set football cards that featured a hologram of the Vince Lombardi Trophy.  These cards were considered super rare back in 1990.  On the back of each card they were serial numbered out of 10,000 copies.  This can give you an idea of how much overproduction took place during this time in the hobby.  Its a good sign that cards are being overproduced when a rare card is limited to 10,000 copies.  The funny thing is that this card is still selling pretty well considering the time it was made.  A recent auction for this card sold for $65.00.  Back in 1990 these cards were so popular collectors would buy boxes of this stuff by the case.  Pack searchers really came about around this time, because this card contained a small amount of metal, pack searchers would use a metal detector to find this hologram.