Leaf President Brian Gray’s Response To The Andrew Luck Prismatic Errors

In case you didn’t notice, all the Andrew Luck Leaf Prismatic auctions were closed today.  Below is Leaf President Brian Gray’s response to the errors.

“We appreciate the feedback on the recent Metal Andrew Luck cards which included spelling errors. I am embarrassed over these oversights and I would like to apologize on behalf of LEAF that these errors occurred.

These were printed as part of a much larger job and were only one card on a 100 card sheet. With that being said, there is still no excuse for this error..

In an effort to address this issue in the most responsible manner:

1> We have removed all listings for auction style cards featuring this error. This includes ALL parallels. All bids are cancelled and the cards will be destroyed!

2> We have discontinued selling the error version of the Luck Prismatic. We WILL ship the 39 copies sold last night, but will be destroying the rest of the copies immediately. Therefore, while the cards are numbered to 350, only 39 cards will be released. We will only ship cards #1/350 to 39/350.

3> We have (at great expense) stopped the presses mid-production and added this card to our Metal Football Draft print job. We WILL be reprinting these cards with corrections made. These cards will be made available on ebay in the next 10 days for shipment approximately February 7th. These corrected versions will be made available similar to the manner error versions were.

4> The base version of the Luck card has no errors and will continue to be made available continuously until the production run is sold out.

5> We will allow any collectors who wish to swap their “error” prismatic the opportunity to swap for corrected versions…

I am pleased we found this solution to any concerns over the errors on these cards.

Once again, I personally apologize to both collectors and Andrew for these errors and hope this resolution resolves open concerns..

I think this was handled very well.  You probably wouldn’t get that kind of response that fast from another manufacturer.  So, who are those lucky collectors that are getting one of the errors?

Leaf Produces Andrew Luck’s First Licensed Cards


Leaf has produced Andrew Luck’s first licensed football cards.  Leaf is selling them on eBay, and if your interested in purchasing one click here.  Luck was the Heisman Trophy runner up two years in a row, and will be one of the NFL’s next top prospects.

Collectors have a wide variety of choices when it comes to purchasing one of these cards.  Leaf made some limited to 500 copies all the way down to 1.  People are going nuts over them already, and they aren’t even autographed.

Leaf is planning to have autographs later.  It wasn’t too long ago that an Andrew Luck Leaf Executive Collection Cut Signature sold for $1,000.00.  What can I say?  Collectors love Leaf’s products.



Leaf has closed the auctions on the Luck Prismatic cards due to a few spelling errors.  I wonder if any misspellings found their way out? 🙂

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