Card Show with the Steelers

The Colonial Park Mall located in Harrisburg, PA was having a card show this weekend with some Pittsburgh Steelers there to sign autographs.  I decided to go since it isn’t that long of a drive.  

The show itself was a lot bigger than what I had anticapated.  I recognized some of the dealers that have been attending local shows for years.  If you were a Phillies or Steelers fan, there was a ton of stuff for you.  The promotor for the show was CAC-Shows.  They do a lot of cards shows and autograph signings in Pennsylvania and Maryland.  I believe this was the first CAC-Show I have attended.  It wasn’t very crowded, not even when the autograph guests arrived.

Two Pittsburgh Steelers were scheduled to sign autographs, but when I got there three showed up: Levon Kirkland, Lawrence Timmons, and Michael Merriweather.  All of them were really nice and glad to talk with their fans.  I got Merriweather and Kirkland to sign my football.


Michael Merriweather was a linebacker for the Steelers from 1982 – 1987 and a 3x Pro Bowler


Levon Kirkland was a linebacker with the Steelers from 1992 – 2000 and a 2x Pro Bowler


Merriweather, Timmons, and Kirkland


Updated picture of my football signed by: Greg Pruitt, Larry Little, Paul Krause, Michael Merriweather, and Levon Kirkland


I did make some purchases while I was there.  Here is a video recap of what I pulled and picked up.  Browsing the tables, I did find a Harry Kalas 2005 UD Sweet Spot autograph, but didn’t buy it because of the $125.00 price.  I’m probably better off getting one on eBay.

Overall I think it was a good show and I plan to attend more in the future.  Many of the dealers had stuff I liked, and getting autographs and photos with former Steelers is always great.

Card Show This Weekend

This week while driving home from school, I went past the mall and saw on the marquee out front that they are having another card show this weekend.  This is their third show this year which is great, but a little unusual.  In the past, they might have had a show once a year.  I guess these shows really bring customers into the mall.  I know that one of my local dealers will be there and always has a nice selection of single cards and boxes to buy.  I’ll be looking for some Donruss Classics boxes to break.  Thats my favorite product right now.  These shows are great for finding Phillies cards.  Last time I was at this show I found a Gary Maddox game used bat, which isn’t worth much at all but rarely shows up for sale on eBay, for only $5.00.  You never know what you might find.

Susquehanna Valley Mall Card Show Results

Last weekend my local mall, Susquehanna Valley Mall, had its second card show of the year.  It only had a few tables but I thought it was pretty good.  One of the local card shops in the area had a table and I checked out some of the stuff.  While I was there I purchased two boxes of 2008 Playoff Prestige football cards and a few jumbo packs of 2008 Bowman baseball cards.  The two Prestige boxes yielded a Brett Favre jersey /25, Kitna/Palmer dual jersey /250, a Favre/Brady/Brees/Romo quad jersey /250 plus a few other rookie autos and memorabilia cards.  There were a ton of insert cards too.  The two lowest numbered cards I pulled were a Eddie Royal Picks rookie /25 and a Mario Manningham Picks rookie /50.  My best hit didn’t come until the end of the day.  I put all of my serial numbered cards in holders and put everything away.  After searching eBay for 2008 Prestige card I came across a Felix Jones #139 rookie card.  I looked at the picture and thought, “I know I have seen that card before”.  So I started going through all of the base cards and found it.  I couldn’t believe that I pulled that card.  It proabably is one of the hardest cards to pull from that set and I did it in only two boxes.  What a great show!!!