Card of the Day: 2018 Choice – Williamsport Crosscutters Boomer Mascot #35

Card of the Day: 2019 Choice Eugene Emeralds Squatch Mascot #38

Card of the Day: 2019 Topps Opening Day Mascot – Dinger #17

Card of the Day: 2016 Topps Opening Day Mascot Rally Monkey #3

Card of the Day: 2020 Topps Opening Day Mr. Met Mascot Auto

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Card of the Day: 1987 ProCards Macon Pirates Mascot

Card of the Day: The San Diego Chicken 2016 Donruss Baseball Silhouette Mascot Relic

 photo chickenrelic_zps36ow0zes.jpg

Flashback Product of the Week: 1983 Tudor Games NFL Huddles Mascot Figures

 photo nflhuddles_zpsc7aa268e.jpg

What is it about toys from the 80’s that drive prices through the roof?  It has to be the nostalgic factor.

Tudor Games is best known for it’s vibrating electronic tabletop football game.  Outside the realm of tabletop football, Tudor Games did go off and make some other sports related toys.  One of their ventures was their line of NFL Huddles Mascots.  These lovable mascots could be found as stuffed toys, trading cards, pins, cars, and miniature figures.  They had these little guys plastered on anything and everything.  Of all the items they made, their miniature figures and stuffed toys are what collectors seem to want the most.

The miniature figure line covers all 28 teams, just like most of their other NFL Huddles Mascots products.  They contain no moving parts and come packaged on a cheap piece of cardboard.  For being just the most basic form of a toy, these things can carry one heck of a price.  As it is with most collectibles, condition is everything.  People want these mint in package and untouched as much as possible.  Prices can be all over the place.  Some figures sealed in their original packs sell for $20.00, while others can go for as much as $150.00.  That’s not a bad return for something that could be purchased for $2.99 in 1983.  If you think that’s crazy, a collector recently purchased a Buccaneers plush for over $400.00.  The NFL Huddles card set doesn’t have much value.  Just like most card sets from the 80’s.

“Pin-Up” of the Week: 2013 Little League World Series Dugout Mascot Pin

 photo 2013llws_zps21aebfe2.jpg

Its hard to believe that the 2013 Little League World Series is only a few months away.  Before we know it, South Williamsport will be packed with people from all over the world.  The Little League World Series will take place from 8/15/13 to 8/25/13 this year.  Little League renovated their museum and I plan to take a tour of it before everyone arrives.  I’ve heard that they’ve added many new features and have the museum divided up by innings.

We all know the Little League World Series is known for its endless amounts of commemorative pins.  The above pin is just the beginning.  Trust me, there will be plenty more to come.  As you can see, it features Little League’s mascot Dugout and has the new LLWS logo for 2013.  They are currently selling for $15.00.