Famous Frames – Which Do You Prefer?

Our hobby is filled with a bunch of framed mini relic and/or autographed cards.  The first time I saw a framed mini was upon the release of 2002 Topps T206.  Since then the hobby has seen multiple designs from the quite dull to the very colorful Allen & Ginter.  Which is your favorite?

My favorite is the new 2008 Topps Mayo Cut Plug black frames.  The black color goes well with the card design.  The three Allen & Ginter frames have always reminded me of Hawaiian shirts.


2008 Topps Mayo Cut Plug


2008 Topps Allen & Ginter


2007 Topps Allen & Ginter


2006 Allen & Ginter


2003 Topps T205


2002 Topps T206

2008 Bowman Sterling Football Pack Break

I had to stop at the card shop this morning to pick up some supplies.  Up by the register they had packs of 2008 Bowman Sterling football cards.  Couldn’t help myself and bought a pack.  Here is what I got:

Timothy Hightower RC

Marcus Thomas Ref #’ed/199

Ken Hamlin Pro Bowl Jersey #’ed/389

Kevin Smith RC Jersey #’ed/299

Jerod Mayo Auto Ref #’ed/25


I think this year’s Bowman Sterling design is my favorite.  The best hit in the pack was the Mayo auto.  For a defensive player, he seems to be really popular.

Card of the Day: Cap Anson 1895 N300 Mayo’s

Joe Paterno to appear in 2008 Topps Mayo’s Cut Plug Football

There will be a lot of college football collectors glad to read this.  While watching the preview for the new 2008 Topps Mayo’s Cut Plug football cards I saw an autographed card of legendary coach Joe Paterno.  To many football collectors this is a huge deal.  Joe Paterno has very little cards made of him and what cards are out there are just base.  It will be interesting to see what the print run is on his cards.  2008 Mayo’s Cut Plug football cards look like an interesting product to break.  Topps has even inserted a few original Cut Plug cards from the past.  It is due to be released this December.


I knew this wasn’t the first time a card company used the Mayo Cut Plug design.  Here is a Randy Moss insert from 2002 Gridiron Kings.

Q & A – Please help with these tobacco cards in a scrapbook

Question: While searching the internet for information on old baseball cards I found your site. I am hoping you can help me. I recently was given a scrapbook of my grandmothers and she had several old judge and mayo cut plug cards.Is there somewhere to find out average prices for these cards? I also have tobacco cards of women-I think they are actresses maybe? If I find prices where is the best place to sell them. Thank you in advance for any information.

Answer: Wow!  Thats sounds like a great little collection you have there.  Old Judge and Mayo Cut Plug cards are highly collectible within the baseball card industry.  The Old Judge cards are some of the first baseball cards ever made back in the 1880’s.  Can you read any of the names on the cards?  The all would be highly collectible but some Hall of Famers would be worth even more.  The same goes for the Mayo Cut Plug cards.  Please do not try to remove the cards from the scrapbook if they are glued in.  That would just damage them more.  The best place for finding prices would be eBay if you know who any of the players are.  I’m not too sure about the actress cards.  I would need to see a picture or more information about them.  Are the actress cards in color or black and white?  Hope to hear back from you soon.  Thanks.