Card of the Day: Mickey Mantle/Willie Mays 1962 Topps Managers’ Dream #18

Card of the Day: Willie Mays 2019 Topps Gallery Masters #196

Card of the Day: Willie Mays 1973 Topps #305

Card of the Day: Willie Mays 1953 Topps #244

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Card of the Day: Willie Mays 2015 Bowman Chrome Superfractors That Never Were

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Card of the Day: Willie Mays 1999 Upper Deck – A Piece Of History 500 Club Game Used Bat Auto

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Card of the Day: Willie Mays 2014 Topps Triple Threads #27

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Card of the Day: Willie Mays 1958 Topps #5


Topps Readies 2012 NSCC VIP Set

VIPs attending the 2012 National Sports Collectors Convention will find a 4-card promo pack in their bags.  The set is designed after the famous 1952 Topps set.  The entire set consists of 5 cards – Mickey Mantle (2 different poses), Willie Mays, Jackie Robinson, and Babe Ruth.


Mantle with Joplin



Mays with Minneapolis


Robinson with Montreal


Ruth with Baltimore

Willie Mays Did Not Sign For The 2001 Fleer Stitches In Time Set has a really nice piece written up about the 2001 Fleer Stitches In Time set.  This Negro League driven set is one of the best out there and is undervalued in the hobby today.  The set consists of inserts, relics, and autographs.

One thing that can not be reiterated enough is that Willie Mays never signed the cards Fleer printed for this set.  Mays doesn’t like to sign items associated with the Negro Leagues.  I guess Fleer just thought Mays would sign them so they printed the cards up anyway.  The worst thing that could have happened, was having these unsigned cards find their way onto the secondary market.  It leaves the door wide open for counterfeiters.


This is an example of the unsigned card that found its way out.  Its just sitting there inviting a counterfeiter to forge the autograph.  Not only does it have the blank area for the signature, but on the back is the Fleer COA.


This is a perfect example of a forgery.  Some poor collector recently purchased it for $125.00.  In my opinion, the last name looks nothing like “Mays”.

I own a Willie Mays 2001 Fleer Stitches In Time relic, and its one of my favorite cards in my personal collection.