2021-22 Topps Chrome UEFA Champion’s League Sapphire Edition Available To Montgomery Club Members

Members of the Topps 582 Montgomery Club are able to purchase their allocation of 2021-22 Topps Chrome UEFA Champion’s League Sapphire Edition.

2022 Topps Chrome Sapphire Edition Star Wars Available For 582 Montgomery Club Members

I knew it was coming. I’ve been suggesting it for awhile, and today it arrived. Members of the Topps 582 Montgomery Club got the opportunity to buy (1) box of 2022 Topps Chrome Sapphire Edition Star Wars.

Based on the checklist it consists of Series 1 and Series 2 of the original 1977 Topps Star Wars set.

2022 Bowman Sapphire Edition Baseball Available To Topps 582 Montgomery Club Members Today

Members of the Topps 582 Montgomery Club are allowed to purchase (1) box of 2022 Bowman Sapphire Edition Baseball today 5/24/22 while supplies last.

2021 Bowman Chrome Sapphire Edition Baseball Coming 5/12/22 To Montgomery Club Members

The next pre-sale for Topps 582 Montgomery Club members is 2021 Bowman Chrome Sapphire Edition Baseball.

Montgomery Club Members Are NOT Entitled To Every Topps Online-Exclusive Product First

Members of the Topps 582 Montgomery Club were shocked on Friday, May 6, 2022 when they discovered that 2021 Topps Formula 1 Chrome Sapphire Edition was on sale to the general public. Usually club members get first access to popular online-exclusive products before everyone else for the most part.

Boxes began popping up on Topps’ European sites, and then made their was to the U.S. I was able to add (1) box to my cart, but the Topps website froze for me during the checkout process due to the high volume of users. Some made it through successfully, bots especially, before it sold out.

A box of 2020 Topps Formula 1 Chrome Sapphire Edition originally cost $99. As of right now that same product sells for around $4k. Even with the increased price ($699.99) for the 2021 product you can see why club members are angry they weren’t offered it first like they were last year.

Although a massive surprise, if you read the language on the Topps 582 Montgomery Club website it clearly states “Exclusive Access to Pre-Sale window for select Topps 2022 Online Exclusives including Sapphire, Finest Flashbacks, Ginter X, and Archives Snapshots.” The keyword here is “select”. “Select” does not mean members will get a pre-sale window for every online-exclusive product. It means just the ones Topps chooses. Which products Topps chooses can clearly change from year to year.

Attempt to charge back your membership fee, threaten not to renew your membership next year, and write all of the hate e-mail you want. All the threats in the world aren’t going to make you feel better. 2021 Topps Formula 1 Chrome Sapphire Edition is most likely gone for the $699.99 price, and nothing is going to change that. If you want a box you’ll have to pay more on the secondary market. I would be very surprised if Topps offers members their allocation now that the general public sale is over.

Why wasn’t 2021 Topps Formula 1 Chrome Sapphire Edition one of the “select” products for pre-sale? Rumors and people’s imaginations instantly began to run wild. Maybe some of it will turn out to be true. You can read through it all on the Blowout Forums.

We still have a lot of the year to go. Topps could very easily surprise members with an exclusive product (never produced before) that could make up for 2021 Topps Formula 1 Chrome Sapphire Edition not being offered to club members first. Then again, they don’t have to.

In the end, it is all in the details of the language for the club we signed up for. Plain and simple.

PSA To Offer “Cards That Never Were” To Collectors Club Members During The National

For those collectors who like getting cards graded a lot, PSA and Historic Autograph Company have teamed-up to bring you an interesting promotion this year for the National Sports Collectors Convention.  According to PSA, “The first 500 visitors to the PSA booth who sign up for a Gold or Platinum level PSA Collectors Club membership or who renew their membership at the show will receive fantasy Diamond Stars-inspired cards.  Gold Level memberships receive one randomly-selected card, and Platinum memberships receive the complete five-card set.”  The set features two different Babe Ruth cards, Joe DiMaggio, Lou Gehrig, and Bob Feller.  None of these players were included in the original Diamond Stars set which debuted back in the 1930’s.  Each card comes encased in a PSA holder.  The cards are printed by Historic Autograph Company, and the artwork was done by Arthur K. Miller.  Miller isn’t a stranger when it comes to designing fantasy cards as he was the artist who designed the Babe Ruth Cracker Jack card for last year’s National.

Be sure to stop by the PSA booth to see Miller’s original artwork that was used to make these cards.  Also on display will be an original set of 1934-36 Diamond Stars cards from the Charles M. Merkel collection.  Its the best example of a Diamond Stars set known to exist and was inducted into the PSA Set Registry Hall Of Fame in 2013.
 photo 2014BabeRuthBrave1_zpscfa2d8d1.jpg

 photo 2014BabeRuthYankee1_zpsc22e9830.jpg

 photo 2014LouGehrig1_zpsc2342a6d.jpg

 photo 2014JoeDiMaggio1_zpsc02bfd34.jpg

 photo 2014BobFeller1_zpsc7866852.jpg