Welcome To Perfectville: Population 1

The Colts just lost their first game this year which means the ’72-’73 Perfect Season Miami Dolphins are safe for another year.  Every year there seems to be a team that looks like they might go all the way without losing, but it hasn’t happened in 36 years.  There are a ton of players from that team that should have relics and autographs made, but only a handful do.  Griese, Csonka, Yepremian, Scott, Little, and Shula make up the small amount of players that have relic and autographed cards.  I’d like to see more.  I highly doubt we’ll ever see another team go undefeated again.

Nick Buoniconti Gets An Auto

I was just browsing through the list of players that have autographs in the new Pro Football Hall of Fame trading card set, and Nick Buoniconti’s name popped up.  Buoniconti is one of the members of the Miami Dolphin’s Perfect Season team and doesn’t have any relics and/or autographs found in packs.  I know companies have approached him for relics and autographs but he hasn’t really showed interest in it.  Too bad the HOF is only making 150 of these sets and you can’t purchase the cards individually.  Its a little too pricey for me at $5,000.00.  Other Perfect Season Dolphins from the set include Bob Griese, Larry Little, Larry Csonka, Paul Warfield, and Don Shula.


2009 Press Pass Legends Football SP List + Perfect Season Players

Today Press Pass releases one of their most popular products of the year – Legends Football.  There are two players featured in this product for the first time that I’m really excited about – Jim Kiick & Dick Anderson.  I collect players from the Miami Dolphins Perfect Season team and Kiick & Anderson don’t have a lot of autographed cards to collect.

The base set consists of 100 cards, and 10 of them are SP’s:

  • Ian Johnson #4
  • Juaquin Iglesias #36
  • Jarett Dillard #41
  • Graham Harrell #49
  • Bruce Smith #64
  • Frank Gifford #68
  • Paul Warfield #83
  • Bruce Smith #86
  • Bernie Kosar #98
  • Rod Woodson #99

I hope to open some ’09 Legends at this year’s National to take advantage of Press Pass’s Promotional Events.


Looking on eBay you’ll see many people stating certain base cards are SP’s when there’re not.  The players above are the official SP list directly from Press Pass.


Yepremian’s First Certified Autograph in 10 Years

Wow!  This is a Miami Dolphins blogging type of night 🙂  I just discovered that the new 2008 Donruss/Playoff National Treasures contain the first certified autographed card of kicker Garo Yepremian in 10 years.  Yepremian’s first relic cards came in 2008 Donruss Threads and 2008 Leaf Certified Materials.  The last time you could pull an autograph of his was in 1999 Sports Illustrated.  Until now, that was his only certified autographed card on the market.  08 National Treasures also created multi-colored patches of Yepremian as well.  This might be one I need to add to the personal collection.



Wonder what those dots are?  The two on the bottom are goal posts and the one near the top is the football.

Kuechenberg 2010

Bob Kuechenberg will go down as one of the best Guards that the NFL has ever seen.  He is a member of the 1972-73 Perfect Season Miami Dolphins and has played with Hall of Famers Larry Little, Jim Langer, and Dwight Stephenson.  Bob Kuechenberg attended Notre Dame and was originally drafted by the Eagles, but was cut from the team quick.  After being picked up by the Dolphins in 1970, Kuechenberg really started to bloom.  For the last few years he has been close to being chosen as a member of the Hall of Fame, but it just hasn’t happened yet.  I would like to see Kuechenberg make it to the Hall of Fame in 2010.  The Hall needs another member of that legendary team.


2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Football Blaster Box Break

I went to Wal-Mart this morning and picked up a few blaster boxes to open.  Here are the results of my 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces football blaster.  Since I’m a Dolphins fan, I think it was a great box.  I hope you don’t mind that I’m just a little slow getting some of the cards to the camera.  Enjoy!


The Agony of Defeat

Last night before turning off the computer, I placed a bid on a Tony Sparano 2008 Bowman Chrome Superfractor #’ed 1/1.  My maximum bid was $22.00 and the price of the auction was at $12.50 when I left the auction.  This morning I was hoping to see that I won, but instead found out I got outbid by $0.01.  The card ended up selling for $22.01.  That would have been my very first Superfractor.  Maybe an autograph of his will popup for sale soon.  Have you ever lost an auction that you really wanted to win?

In Honor of the Dolphin’s Win Today

In honor of the Miami Dolphins winning today and going 7-5 for the season, check out this piece of memorabilia.  Its a full-size helmet signed by 35 members of the Perfect Season team.  All of the autographs are certified by Mounted Memories.  I would love to have something like this in my collection someday.  That day probably won’t be for a long, long, long time with a price tag of $2,500.00.


The Miami Dolphins Are Safe For Another Year

The Titans lose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The Dolphins are safe for another year.

Dolphins Win Again!

This is the best season the Dolphins have had in a long time 🙂