The Miami Dolphins Have A Winning Record

The Dolphins finally have a winning record – 5-4.

Miami Dolphins Perfect Season Ticket

When I was at the Reading, PA show a few weeks ago I saw a dealer selling Super Bowl tickets from long ago.  After going through the line to get my bat signed by Tom Herr, I stopped by to see if he had any Super Bowl tickets certified by PSA from the Miami Dolphins perfect season.  I saw he had one and I asked what he was looking for it?  He said it would cost $2,500.00.  Now, I will admit I’m not the world’s best expert on collectible tickets, but I thought that sounded really high.  Well, I think I was right.  Today I found a completed auction for the same full ticket on eBay for only $306.00.  They both look to be in the same great condition and certified by PSA.  At least now I know there are tickets from that game which are affordable.


The Dolphins Win!!!

At least they won sooner than last year.  That has to be a good sign.


Didn’t take long to pick one up.  Its a Bob Griese / Paul Warfield / Garo Yepremian Triple Jersey #’ed/35.

Check this out Dolphins Fans

2007 Donruss Threads football cards really surprised me when I saw they created the first memorabilia and autographed cards of Larry Little.  This year, 2008 Donruss Threads have created the first memorabilia cards of Garo Yepremian who was the kicker for the Dolphins during their perfect season.  I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these for my perfect season collection.  Hopefully, I will be able to pick one up soon.  Its nice to see more and more cards being made of players from the 1972-73 team.

A card like this would go great with this stuff thats in my collection:

Please Make This Card!!!

Can you hear my Donruss/Playoff, Topps, and Upper Deck?  Why hasn’t anyone made a Don Shula game worn Dolphins jacket card?  I see there are Knute Rockne and Tom Landry authentic worn coat cards, but no Don Shula.  I have found Don Shula game used jersey cards from when he played with the Colts, but no Dolphins.  Someone, PLEASE MAKE THIS CARD!!!!!!!!

Card of the Day #17

Jim Langer 2007 TriStar Signa Cuts Autograph #’ed/5

Card of the Day #15

2004 Playoff Prime Signatures Don Shula Auto #’ed/25

Card of the Day #1

Thought I would mix it up a little and switch to “Card of the Day” for awhile instead of a sports pin.  This is a new pickup I made last night.  Its a Jim Mandich 2002 TK Legacy autographed card.  Jim Mandich played for the Dolphins during their perfect season.  This is his only certified autographed card.  I have only seen two pop up for sale and I always missed them.  This is a great addition to my Dolphins collection.

New Pickup

Browsing eBay tonight I came across the pin section and picked up a Miami Dolphins 2 Time Super Bowl Champions pin.  Don’t have one like this.  This is my favorite football team of all time.

I also came across this awesome video about their perfect season.