Hot Players = Misleading Sellers

One of the hottest players in baseball this year is Chase Utley of the Phillies.  Utley is currently batting .325 and leads all of Major League Baseball with 21 HR’s.  The next person behind Utley with HR’s is Dan Uggla of the Marlins with 18.  When a player becomes as popular as Chase Utley, there will be a lot of sellers that will try and mislead customers.  Recently, I checked out completed auctions for Utley cards and found someone that had sold a 2005 Upper Deck SPx base card for $20.00.  After further inspection of the auction I found that the seller marketed the card as a rookie.  Utley wasn’t a rookie in 2005.  His rookie cards come from 2001.  Because this player has become so popular, people will bid on cards without doing any research.  Right now isn’t even the time to be buying Chase Utley cards because the prices are so high.  Before buying a rookie card of a player who is on a big hot streak, please do your research before buying.  Some sellers will use any excuse to make a card a rookie when it really isn’t.