Panini’s 2018 Illusions Football Autograph COA Mistake Continues To Screw Unknowing Collectors

In 2018 Sports Card Info helped to shed some light on this issue.  Even though not much has changed since the initial story broke, I believe its important to remind people that this continues to be a MAJOR problem in the hobby.  Especially when a collector was recently screwed out of $400.

On February 28, 2020 a Tom Brady 2018 Panini Illusions Living Legends Autograph sold for $393.  Too bad the autograph is a complete fake.  Panini made the huge mistake of printing the message “THE AUTOGRAPH IS GUARANTEED BY PANINI AMERICA, INC.” on the back of a bunch of cards from 2018 Illusions that were never intended to be signed.  But yet these unsigned cards with the autograph COA on the back somehow found their way into the product.  We’ve seen this error popup on the Living LegendsIllusionists, and Mystique inserts.

Panini allowing cards to ship out with their autograph COA yet lacking the actual signature itself opens the door to all types of fraud.  And that’s exactly what we’re seeing here.  Loser scammers will sign the athlete’s signature themselves, and then attempt to pass it off as the real thing.  Because that COA is printed on the back people will believe its authentic.

As you can clearly see the autograph here is on-card.  MAJOR RED FLAG as the authentic cards use stickers.  Another indicator is the absence of a serial number.  It should be #’ed/10 or 1.

Panini simply stamped their autograph COA on too many cards here.  Some were meant for legitimate pack-inserted autographs.  Others received the autograph COA by mistake, and are just basic unsigned inserts.

Tom Brady 2018 Panini Illusions Living Legends insert with a fake autograph (front)

Tom Brady 2018 Panini Illusions Living Legends insert with a fake autograph (back)

This is what an authentic example should look like:

Major Relic Mistake

Take a look at this “Chipper Jones” relic from ’09 Topps Tribute.  Looks to me like Topps used a Gehrig relic instead of something used by Jones.  The piece thats in there looks way too old to be from Jones.  Doesn’t this make you wonder how many other mistakes companies have made?  Not all the mistakes would be this easy to spot.  A lot of players have plain colored swatches and you’ed never know the difference.  Topps Tribute does has its share of mistakes, but before this it has been limited to missing names and logos.  This puts a whole new spin on things.

For the record, I still like Topps Tribute.


$249.99 Can Get You This……………….

This is not my video, but I would be mad if I spent $250.00 on a single pack and it only contained this.  Talk about a mistake.


Should they allow instant replay in baseball?

I think umpires should be able to use instant replay in baseball.  Referees are allowed to use it in football, so why not baseball?  Are you telling me that umpires don’t make mistakes?  Because I have watched many games where they show you the play again and you can clearly see that the umpire made a mistake.  I believe that managers should be able to use some type of challenge play just like in football.  This would eliminate a lot of mistakes that are being made.  Let me know what you think.